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Prezi: pros and cons

No description

Lotte Brouwer

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Prezi: pros and cons

Prezi presentations Pros and cons Cons Pros Prezi is free for teachers and students. You can use any computer with an internet connection to log in or to view presentations. Downloading your presentations belongs to the possibilities, so it is possible to show a Prezi without an internet connection.

Prezi is easy to use. If you do happen to encounter any difficulties, you can always watch one of the many tutorials. These are available via Prezi and Youtube.

Students these days are attracted to visually entertaining material. Using Prezi allows you to cater to their visual needs. However, Prezi remains a presentation tool so you still have to present the subject. This allows you to also cater to the auditory students. Students can work on Prezi alone, collaborate with other students or even with their teacher. This allows learning to turn into something you do together.

Prezi shows students the bigger picture and the details because of the zooming option. Zoom in for details, zoom out for the bigger picture.

You can use templates (available for free) or you can start with a blank page. This means you can organise your presentation any way you want. Prezi challenges you to think about your presentation. What do you want to show? Why? Is there a connection with the rest of your presentation?

It is possible to import an old Powerpoint presentation in to Prezi. This could get you started nicely! Prezi is all about the bigger picture. This means that you really have to give some thought to the oranisation of your presentation.

Prezi is relatively new, so it has not been tested and improved. Prezi may be very fancy, but it remains a tool. If you presentation doesn't make sense, a Prezi will not help. Makes sense, right?

Prezi cannot be exported as a video. You can, however, play it automatically or download it.. If you pay too little attention to grouping and layering, people in your audience might suffer from motion sickness or dizziness.
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