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Technology Trends in Higher Education

What are the levers of change that are prying at higher education? Will it change? What will it look like?

david pawloski

on 28 September 2011

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Transcript of Technology Trends in Higher Education

What we're seeing now is the separation of content, learning, and certification. Some students still leave college with nothing but a "base model" ... but most leave with some add-ons. Solution Architect
at Oracle Higher Education
Twitter: @dpawloski
Email: davpaw@gmail.com
Website: oracle.com/industries/highereducation An approach to teaching and learning practices that result from a do it yourself (DIY) attitude. garlicandcoffee
@gmail.com Illustrations by
Mat Moore http://www.flickr.com/photos/glennbatuyong/2594336182 Edupunk Open Courseware Open Textbooks Mobile TRENDS Distance New threat models
AuthN/AuthZ e-books
e-courseware Peer-to-peer Think about the "customizations" and how to provide and quantify them. Except for those on the cutting edge, content is going to quickly become a dead-end. LORs Learning Object Repositories Three trends in technology affecting higher education:
Cloud The End. by David A. Pawloski Technology Trends
in Higher Education college * Identity and Access Management
* Directory Services
* Identity Federation
* Role Manager
* Governance, Risk and Compliance
* Database Vault
* Secure backup, storage and replication
identity single sign-on
risk management integration
federation trust Service oriented architecture (SOA)
distance learning
mobile everything
IT $pend Technology Trends Portfolio
Management Financial
Management Human Capital
Management Procurement Customer Relationship
Management Enterprise Performance
Management Supply Chain Tools and Technology Peoplesoft Enterprise Educators worldwide are working to transform education through personalized learning, improved teacher development and performance, enhanced access to information, and more efficient management of the processes that facilitate teaching, learning, and research. technology trends in
higher education David Pawloski
Solutions Architect
twitter: @dpawloski SOA is becoming the de-facto method for
integrating applications to provide a holistic
platform to meet the needs of all of their constituents - students, teachers, parents, faculty and staff. Supply Chain Tools and
Technology ubiquity
mobile everything
virtualization Resources HEUG www.heug.org higher education user group http://www.educause.edu Higher education customers will be able to exchange an individual’s data stored in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions with other systems distributed throughout their institutions—saving time and resources and improving the accuracy of the information maintained about prospects, applicants, students, alumni, donors, faculty, staff, and other constituents that interact with their institutions. Peoplesoft Campus Solutions
Constituent Management Share constituent data between Campus Solutions and other systems where person information is stored
Increase the accuracy and reduce duplicates of person-data
Understand all the relationships an individual has with your institution
Improve communications and the quality of interaction with all your constituents through more complete and accurate information about them www.oracle.com/us/industries/education-and-research Questions? Oracle Fusion middleware Oracle OpenOffice Oracle Identity and Access Management Campus Solutions Exalogic http://www.oraclecfo.com Oracle CFO central Educause Cloud computing and utility computing represent
the best chance for IT shrink even as technology
trends dictate ever more computing power. Reduce costs Increase revenue electronic payment interface
hosted payments solution
web portals
content management systems
self-service systems The Chronicle http://chronicle.com Oracle for Higher Ed Technology Trends Ultimately, it's still about lowering costs and
increasing revenues. You can't talk about games learning, mobile, analytics, ebooks or any other trends without considering how they will reduce costs or increase enrollments. With SOA, Oracle offers a solution platform that adheres to open standards for integration - this means a more complete view of the constituent or institution can be assembled, ultimately increasing operational effectiveness. Three Trends: SOA
Security Security on it's own is not new, but the need to support
security integration, privacy, trust and ownership protection has been growing as the number of networked devices increase. What infrastructure will be needed? Only Oracle delivers database, middleware, hardware, and applications based on open industry standards. And only Oracle offers complete, integrated solutions that enable education institutions to adapt to the changing needs of all their constituents academic advisement feature packs recruiting and admissions campus community contributor relations gradebook financial aid industry analytics With SOA, higher education institutions may:
create and manage diverse admissions processes
integrate admissions data with other systems
make on-line application processes more dynamic Delivered as a feature pack, part
of the Continuous Delivery Model,
institutions can take advantage of new
functionality and avoid the worry of
disruptive major upgrades. Web services added to the
campus solutions can be managed
through Fusion Middleware and secured
via Oracle Identity Management and
extend naturally to the cloud. campus solutions Reduce costs by only paying for what you use. run the most current software and simplify your operations. On-demand, cloud, exalogic - multiple options for handling dynamic growth for the lowest cost. Turn your capital expense into an operating expense - make more revenue-generating or strategic investments. Identify, authorize, detect and audit.
Integrate security consistently and seamlessly with Oracle Identity Management. With a service-oriented security architecture, Oracle's solutions for education are integrated on a common security platform. Support emerging unique security requirements in mobile, social media, portal and cloud environments.
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