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Arts Integration Presentation

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Alejandra Morales

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Arts Integration Presentation

Integrating the arts into the
classroom curriculum Arts
Integration Why is this a problem? The benefits of arts integration Arts Integration:
living proof The arts have had a long history of being viewed as "extras"

There is a stronger focus on core subjects like reading, writing, and math

The importance placed on standardized testing has further decreased the focus on the arts

Budget cuts are another factor that have affected the arts by getting rid of arts programs altogether Arts in the classroom One survey found that 2/3 of people value creativity

But only 1 in 4 people believed that they were living up to their creative potential

A study found that while IQ scores have increased over time, creativity has been decreasing (Kim, 2011) Arts integration gives students the opportunity to relate to and better understand subject matter

Students are are different. They learn at different rates. They have different abilities. They think in different ways. Art integration can address this.

Studies have shown that arts integration is also helpful for English Language Learners

Studies have shown that incorporating arts into the classroom curriculum actually increases standardized test scores Bates Middle School Research Findings One study found that the arts integration style of teaching versus the traditional teaching style (lecture/readings) were more effective when using to teach a lesson to middle school students (Farkas, 2003)

The students taught through the arts integration style reported that they felt more connected to what they were learning and generally more interested in it. Arts integration and Bullying Bully Prevention through Expressive Arts How can we integrate the arts? Resources

http://educationcloset.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/watercolor.pdf It is important to note that we are aiming at integration of the arts into the core subjects that we value so much

Not just art itself but the connections that can be made to core subjects through the arts

This means that there can always be a place for the arts in the classroom The Arts Matter The arts are not getting the
attention they deserve What is Arts Integration? "At the most basic level, arts
activities make school more motivating
and attractive."

"the failure of schools to teach in such multiple modalities, to offer students of different cognitive styles, actually deprives many children of their right to learn basic academic skills" Workshops that integrate bully prevention literature, the visual arts, and the theater arts have been created where students can create their own anti-bullying script.
The students perform their bully prevention play for other students and the presentation is followed by student facilitated theater games related to themes in the play and small group discussions.
This teaches strategies and techniques of how to use the visual and theater arts in conflict resolution. Improved Test Scores Invites all students Sample Lesson Plan Zemelman & Daniels, “Best Practice in Visual Art, Music, Dance and Theater,” Today’s Standards for Teaching and Learning in America’s Schools, Heinemann, Inc., 2005

Karkas, Rhonda D. The Journal of Educational Research , Vol. 97, No. 1 (Sep. - Oct., 2003

Kyung Hee Kim (2011). The creativity crisis: The decrease in creative thinking scores on the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking. Creativity Research Journal, 23

Goldberg, Merryl. “Setting the Stage for a Turn of Events: Subject Matter Informs the Arts,” Integrating the Arts. 2005






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