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Microorganisms inside us

Describe the relationship between humans and microbes

liu jianhua

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Microorganisms inside us

Microorganisms inside us Right now,one hundred trillions microorganisms living on you and inside of you. You are like a plant living vitality of life,but this picture is not too beautiful.You are being attack by the microbe that can make your skin crawl. New science however, may chance the way you look at this invaders.Actually,They are the key to keeping you alive!
Really?Who are this microorganisms that call your body home,and what secrets can we learn from the creatures inside us? Just like our planet ,to see earth from space, there are no signs of life, although we know that hundreds of millions of creatures living on it. Why
? Same with us,when we see each other,like to see the earth from out space.
But get down on the surface,it's a whole different world.A world of dry deserts,river valleys,and rising swamps.
This planet is us!
Believe it or not, the human body is the highest density of site of creatures on the earth. Sometimes i imagine,If our eyes
become microscope.
Then,when I look at a person,
what would i see? scanning 50% Let's start from the skin,the skin directly contact with natural environment and the microorganisms,some of them live on it for long time.Your skin live hundreds of kinds of healthy bacteria species.They form together a powerful barrier against dangerous enemies.the healthy bacteria covering the skin,standing and say: I'm here,this is a really crowded place,don't even think about trying to moving and living in here.Because i am here and i eat all the food,so there is not going be anything for you to eat if you come here. One of the more popular beneficial skin bacteria, is staphylococcus epidermidis(表皮葡萄球菌).And one of they force against invaders is his killer cousin which can cause diseases as pneumonia(肺炎) and meningitis(腦膜炎),this deadlly bacteria are staphylococcus aureus(金色葡萄球菌). staphylococcus epidermidis staphylococcus aureus In addition to bacteria, your skin is home to many other creatures.The wet area attract a variety of species of fungi, like ringworm which cause skin itching.
On top of your head,where in the forest in your hair,another kind of microbe eat oil of scalp(頭皮).It's name is M.furfur(皮屑芽菌).Sometimes it overstimulation
(過度刺激) normal skin off,the result——dandruff(頭皮屑). Among the army of invaders,bacterias are perhaps the biggest helper for your survival.
As baby born from mother's body and began to nurse, it open the door to the new residents.Within this river of milk,there are plenty of microbes seeking a foto. One of the species is known as Bifidobacteria(雙歧桿菌). The Bifido rush down the baby's throat into the stomach, from here,Bifido search forward…… Those Bifido that continue will settle down at the end of the digestive system, known as colon(結腸).Once in place, Bifido among other microbes play a big role in keeping babies absorb nutrients. ……to the small intestine(小腸) where many will stay on. Among the duties that bacteria provide, the most important is digest,from birth to young,middle-aged to your last meal,bacterias are helping you to make the most of the food you eat.And they undertake some of their most important missions,in one of the harshest environments on planet human——the digestive system.There are so much bacterias in your colon,are both heroes and villains(惡棍). First,the good guys.You've probably heard the secret to
good health is exercise and diet,but probably never considered add bacteria to that list, and you should.
That 's because bacteria in your intestines(肠腸子)
are responsible for extracting energy from food
we can't fully digest. Within your gut,you lack
the chemical tools to fully digest plants,
vegetables, fruits and nuts, as well as
polymerized sugars(聚合糖類类). Bacterias,
however,produce compounds called
enzymes, that break up this food into
small pieces that your bodes can use.
Simply put, without bacterias, you've
been missing out on thirty percent
of fuel. 10 1 The number of microorganisms inside us are at least 10 times of total cell of human body,they taking positions everywhere. microorganisms human cells Another mysterious invader,who enter through your mouth and land grabbing in the gut, and that is Helicobacter pylori. It is the unwelcome guest, because he will gradually destroy the stomach cells, this Mass destruction lead to stomach ulcers, and even stomach cancer. The link with Helicobacter pylori and stomach cancer is well accepted, but there is a strange twist to this story. First, H. pylori is inexplicable disappearance. Early in the 20th century, 80% of American people have H. pylori, and now,only 5% of American children born with H.pylori. With Helicobacter pylori disappears, the incidence of stomach cancer drop quickly, which sounds like a good news. But just as H. pylori gradually disappeared, other cancers like cancer of esophagus are on the rise. There is strong evidence that suggest that Helicobacter pylori disappears,stomach acid changes,may contribute to the rise of other cancers. Early in the 20th century Now According to current research, you might think that the antimicrobial one, is to eliminate the so-called bad bacteria, but we must be careful. How to interact with bacterial community has little knowledge, if you kill the bad bacteria, may start a dangerous chain reaction. We have not locked the specific bacterial drugs, against the most powerful weapon of bacteria, antibiotics. He would destroy the ecosystem as a whole, regardless of the bad bacteria or good bacteria. The increase in cases of children with asthma and diabetes resulting disrupt the ecosystem as an integral element, it is impossible to predict what results. Billions of years ago, when the Earth was very young, long before humans,there were microorganisms. They existed on Earth for about 36 million years , they are survival experts,they growth in ice,they exist in volcanic,they run amazing places. As the earth changed,microbe evolved, take a precedent on all live creature, including the first humans. Through out our evolution, microbe changed with us,protecting us, helping us species to grow and survive. In the past,we looked the microbe as enemy, let us to fight them all, but we can't defeat them as we tried.
The new view would say:No.1, the species of microbe that within and on us is far great than we have thought;No.2, the microbe are far more complex, they′re not just came to free rider, but to help us be who we are, and we return residences that supports their places on the planet which is in and with on us. Thank you for watching! After the use of antibiotics for decades, has a significant impact on human planet microorganisms. Every time we use antibiotics, will kill some evolution of microorganisms with us, perhaps more than half a century, we have revolutionized the symbiotic relationship between myself microbial.
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