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Sacagawea Profile

No description

Karen Simmons

on 12 June 2017

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Transcript of Sacagawea Profile

Sacagawea Family!
Photos of sacagawea
Child hood
Why was she famous?
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200 Years Ago,Sacagawea was a big help for Lewis and Clark with the Expedition.Sacagawea help Lewis and Clark find food and help him translate. Sacagawea was only 16 when she crossed America with her baby on her back. This is a true story about her life.She was famous for being a guid and a translator for the Lewis and Clark Expedition. She was the only woman that was on the Expedition and she helped by teaching the men about the land and she translated to the Indians so that way they could also understand what she was talking about.
Sacagawea was a shoshone Indian.She Had a husband named Toussaint Charbonneau, also did you know sacagawea had a boy baby when she was 16. He was born on Febuary,11 his name was John Batiste.

Facts about Sacagawea
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When Sacagawea was little she was called many names one of them was Bird Woman because Sacaga ment bird and wea ment woman some people called her "Bird Woman".
Where Sacagawea live it was often cold so she mostly wore heavily clothes to stay warm. Sacagawea wore a dress with legging that were made out of deer skin.
Back in the days
In 2000's Sacagawea had a dollar coin that had her picture on the dollar coin. Sacagawea Entered a find.
Sacagawea Died in 1812 she was born in 1787, 1788, or 1786 people usually would say she was born in either of them.
Sacajawea was actually married to a French-Canadian fur trapper Toussaint Charbonneau Sacajawea was born sometime in 1790
She was Shoshone and was kidnapped by the Hidatsa
She actually met Lewis and Clark with her husband when she was 16.
Sacajawea, Sacagawea, Sakakawea. There are three different ways of spelling her name.

The End
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Sacagawea Profile
Thank you for looking at my presentation about lovely Sacagawea.

Do you know who Sacagawea is? I see that you have only known a little bit about her. So if not then think about this question as you go threw this beautiful presentation about her. Well whats the wait come on!
One Extra Fact
By the end of her journey of the Lewis and Clark Expedition they had eaten a wide veriety of meat,fish,berries,vegetables,fruit and roots

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