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Anasazi and the Fremont

No description

Jeroen Stiers

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Anasazi and the Fremont

? What made the Anasazi and the Fremont migrate from the four corner region? Warfare Cannibalism Drought Deforestation Growing population Immigrant Pressure Famine Political conflict 90 frost free days 300 mm annual precipitation Dryland farming Valleys - groundwater Floodwater farming Irrigation Anasazi and Fremont population will grow. Effect on the environment: Anthropogenic exploitation Growing population (great houses) More resources 1. Larger storage rooms : agriculture

2. Interregional contact - trade Extern factor: The Droughts Fremonts? Thank you for your attention! Hunter-gatherers Layla Borremans
Jente Broeckx
Jeroen Stiers only fuel needs also construction wood => TRADE
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