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European colonization By: nicole.s.

No description

Jamie Blessing

on 6 May 2016

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Transcript of European colonization By: nicole.s.

My first reason is...

Europeans brought weapons to the Americas.
The European weapons proved stronger and more powerful than those of Native Americans.

My third reason is...
My fourth reason is...
Europeans brought animals like pigs, so we could eat bacon. We can also eat things like corn or other vegetables thanks to Europeans.
My second reason is...
European Colonization
By: Nicole S.

Europeans brought new religions to the Americas. Native Americans had strong spiritual lives.They prayed for rain, for sun, for healthy children- for all good things in their lives. Europeans expanded the amount of religions in the Americas.
My Opinion:

I believe that European colonization had a lasting positive impact on the Americas.

Native American Language is no longer common. European language, especially, English became widely used.
The europeans made our life here in the America's better.So know our life in the America's is better than it will ever be.
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