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Your Teacher Librarian

No description

Connie Joyce

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of Your Teacher Librarian

CJUHSD TLs Collaborating
Additional ideas to support research in Common Core
Internet Evaluation Quizzes
8 quizzes designed to reinforce Internet evaluation
Reading Support
Pleasure reading supports Common Core. Foundation to understanding expository writing.
Reading Counts Advantages
Additional Benefits
Can add tests of our own
Your Teacher Librarian
New Ideas to Support
the English Department

No class time required
Sophomore year complete.
TLs working on other grade levels.
1 quiz per semester for all four years
Students can take quiz outside of class
TLs grade them and give teacher the report
CST release questions, TRAILS 9 and TL-created
How can your teacher librarian help ease your workload but still increase student reading levels?
TL to test students in lab on their own time before school, lunches, after school
More questions per book than Accel. Reader
Questions rotate, permitting retesting
Tested on comprehension. Think about plot, characterization, vocab., and cause and effect.
More affordable. Will own tests vs. sub. model
Discounted since we use Read 180
Can require students to read non-fiction or any other criteria
Can assign students to read more than one book per quarter
Can color code call numbers in library collection
Questions and Thoughts?
Completely voluntary
Next step: Find funding!
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