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Establishing Positive Relationships with Students

No description

Hannah Reeder

on 16 January 2018

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Transcript of Establishing Positive Relationships with Students

Establishing Positive Relationships with Students
What are some ways that you can connect with your students?
1) Look at the ideas on p. 143-145.

2) Choose your top 10 and put them in order from most
important to least important.

3) Compare your list with a partner.

4) Be prepared to share.
Establishing Positive Relationships
1) Look at the ideas on p. 152-153.

2) Which of these have you experienced a teacher do for

3) Which of these do you plan to incorporate into your daily
routine as a teacher?
"A community of learners implies that
everyone has something to learn
and each has something to share."

Author Unknown
Establishing positive relationships and fostering a classroom community are critical to the success of your students.
One of the most important things you can do as a teacher is establish a positive relationship with your students.
Remember that everything you do should be about your students and not about you!
Start Where Your Students Are
What were the differences between
Robyn and Cynthia?
Students need to belong and connect.

Positive relationships improve the mental health of students.

Connected, happier students are likely to do higher quality academic work.
Motivating Students
"You have enormous power over the lives of your students. In fact, you can make the students in your classroom into successful scholars, or you can make those same students into academic failures. Your beliefs about your students form a self-fulfilling prophecy."

p. 221
What is the difference between intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation?
The Need for Positive Relationships
The potential for violence, inwardly or outwardly directed, is far greater with students who feel disconnected.

If our schools are going to be safe havens, we must build and foster positive connections among students and staff.
Teachers who enjoyed a positive relationship with their students had 31% fewer discipline problems than their counterparts who did not develop high-quality relationships with their students.
(Sullo, B., 2007, Activating the Desire to Learn.)
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