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R&J Monologues

No description

Teran Pederson

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of R&J Monologues

Wrap-Up: 01.03.13 On your Post-It, please write which five literary devices you will be using in your monologue/dialogue.

When you have finished, please stick your Post-It to the exit ticket board! On your Post-It, please write one counterclaim that could be used against your character's claim.

When you put away your folder, please stick your Post-It to the wall next to the door. Wrap-Up: 01.02.13 Warm-Up: 01.03.13 Literary Devices Literary Devices
in Romeo & Juliet Allusion
Symbolism R&J Monologues Monologue/Dialogue Prep Day By the end of the day today, you should have completed the following with your partner or alone: Warm-Up: 01.02.13 Power Word of the Day Rotate axis and drag frames
to change balance Monologue a part of a drama in which a single actor speaks alone Review Romeo and Juliet. Find one monologue. On the back of your sheet write down the monologue's page and line numbers as well as the character giving the monologue. Choose your character, setting, and theme/purpose of your monologue/dialogue.
Write one claim that your character would make about your chosen theme/purpose.
Begin to find quotes from the play that support your character's claim about the theme/purpose. List as many literary devices as you can remember from this quarter thus far.

Here's a freebie: Imagery For your monologue/dialogue, you are required to use FIVE different literary devices from the aforementioned list.

These can be exhibited within your chosen quotes or new examples you create.

Remember to underline them in your drafts! Warm-Up: 01.07.13 What similarities and differences between the text and this trailer can you identify ? Exit Ticket 01.07.13 In your opinion, what was the most drastic difference between the text and the film so far? Warm-Up: 01.09.13 With your groups discuss the movie so far:

What do you like about it?

What do you not like about it?

What changes would you have made? Wrap-Up: 01.09.13 Which character in the film version has been changed the most compared to how they were depicted in the play? What made you choose him/her? Romeo & Juliet Monologues/Dialogues Take out the following: 1. Rough Draft
2. Final Draft
3. Monologue/Dialogue Rubric
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