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Copy of Copy of business plan


Yan Zhang

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of business plan

Business Plan STANDARDIZATION Introduction
Company Ownership
SWOT Analysis
PEST Analysis
Human Resources Plan
Marketing Plan
Recommendations Agenda Threat
Favoring existing competitors.
Possible negative publicity. Opportunities
Local competitors have traditional ways of marketing .
Could seek better supplier deals.
User responds to new ideas Weaknesses Do not have prospective customers yet.
No direct marketing experience. Strengths

Right Product , quality and Reliability.
Better service Quality and durability.
Commitment completion capability.
Can serve for residential and commercial segments. Objectives Mission PainTech is an upcoming Painting Service provider, stationed to commence business in Singapore. Become a leader in the Singapore market.
Steady sales growth month.
Achieve break even in the first three years.
Provide our customers services never experienced before. Per capital GDP of Singapore in 2011 was SG$ 63,050.0.
Average quarterly GDP growth rate is 6.37%.
Free trade policy and it has been booming international trade. Regulations and legislation structure.
Singapore is capable, fair, transparent rules and business inspiring.
Positive business atmosphere. SWOT Analysis Start-Up Profit & Loss Monthly Cash Flow Chart Cash Flow Break-even Analysis Promotion Ang Mo Kio in Singapore : Place TV channels
Internet promotions Price Employee Requirements


Salary, Training & Rewards

Employee Benefits Human Resource Plan PEST Analysis Financials Balance Sheet Marketing Plan Target Market Product/Service 4P Recommendations Strategy Through standardization, our service is to cut cost and achieve large profit. Through customization, our aim is to gain the uniqueness of our services. Vision Painting Let`s make a House Your Home.” Become the market leader in the painting service industry Special Wall Coatings Small Carpentry Work Acoustical Ceilings Full Preparatory Work Pressure Washing
Roof Cleaning Fine Detailing Dry Wall Contouring Varies according to customer needs and size of the site Regular painting services
Relevant services Group Company owners Member Member Member Member Member Member (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr member member member Tapan Shetty
Zhang Yan
Pranav Karand
Manasi Karnik Positioning Pain Tech is a brand available for every budget.
As a paiting service provider give customers qualititive experience and differentiate from other companies in order to build a strong brand image and gain customer trust. Research Factors Affecting Standardization and Adaptation Middle of the Road Strategy LB5218 Business Plan Mentor: Dr Teoh Teik Toe Business awareness to the customers through strong advertising. Quality of our services should be consistent Choosing the best brands and their products. Recruting skilled professionals and welfare for the staff. Social Responsibility gy
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