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Train Tour of the Northeast Region of the U.S.

for Social Studies Alive

Heather Carr

on 2 January 2018

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Transcript of Train Tour of the Northeast Region of the U.S.

Why do we call the Northeast
the birthplace of our nation?

Why did our nation's first
factories start here?

What large cities are found
in the Northeast?

Welcome to a train tour of the historic Northeast Region of the United States!
The Old State House is an historic government building located at the intersection of Washington and State Streets in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Built in 1713, it is the oldest surviving public building in Boston, and the seat of the state's legislature until 1798. It is now a history museum. It is one of many historic landmarks that can be visited along the Freedom Trail.
Red and white candy-striped West Quoddy Head Light is one of the most frequently depicted American lighthouses on calendars and posters. The picturesque lighthouse stands on the easternmost point of the United States mainland.
Location: Easternmost point in the U.S.,
Bay of Fundy.
Nearest town: Lubec, ME
44 48 55 N
66 57 04 W
Mount Washington is the highest peak in the Northeastern United States at 6,288 ft. and most prominent mountain east of the Mississippi River. The mountain is located in the Presidential Range of the White Mountains. It is famous for dangerously erratic weather.
Boston Common
(also known as "the Common") is a central public park in Boston, Massachusetts. Dating from 1634, it is the oldest city park in the United States. The Boston Common consists of 50 acres of land bounded by Tremont Street, Park Street, Beacon Street, Charles Street, and Boylston Street.
In order to open the country west of the Appalachian Mountains to settlers and to offer a cheap and safe way to carry produce to a market, the construction of a canal was proposed as early as 1768. However, those early proposals would connect the Hudson River with Lake Ontario near Oswego.

It was not until 1808 that the state legislature funded a survey for a canal that would connect to Lake Erie. Finally, on July 4, 1817, Governor Dewitt Clinton broke ground for the construction of the canal. In those early days, it was often sarcastically referred to as "Clinton's Big Ditch".

When finally completed on October 26, 1825, it was the engineering marvel of its day. It included 18 aqueducts to carry the canal over ravines and rivers, and 83 locks, with a rise of 568 feet from the Hudson River to Lake Erie. It was 4 feet deep and 40 feet wide, and floated boats carrying 30 tons of freight. A ten foot wide towpath was built along the bank of the canal for the horses and/or mules which pulled the boats and their driver, often a young boy.
America's first factories were in the Northeast because of
people power and water power.
Independence Hall is the centerpiece of Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is known primarily as the location where both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were debated and adopted.
The United States Capitol is the meeting place of the United States Congress, the legislature of the federal government of the United States.
The House Chamber, also known as the "Hall of the House of Representatives," is a large assembly room located in the center of the Capitol's south wing. Members of the House of Representatives sit in unassigned armchairs arranged in a semicircle on tiered platforms that face the Speaker's rostrum.
The Senate Chamber is a rectangular, two-story room located in the center of the north wing. The nation's 100 senators sit at individual assigned desks arranged on a tiered semicircular platform facing a raised rostrum. A visitor's gallery overlooks the chamber on four sides.
The Empire State Building is a 102-story skyscraper located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and West 34th Street. It has a roof height of 1,250 feet, and with its antenna spire included, it stands a total of 1,454 ft. high. Its name is derived from the nickname for New York, the Empire State. It stood as the world's tallest building for 40 years, from its completion in 1931 until construction of the World Trade Center's North Tower was completed in 1972.
Slater Mill

During the late 18th and early 19th centuries, Rhode Island became a pioneer in manufacturing in the United States. One of the individuals who played a big role in Rhode Island's economy was Samuel Slater.

Rhode Island was especially strong in textile manufacturing. The state, along with other parts of the Northeast, was part of the American Industrial Revolution, when the economy, which had been based on agriculture, became one based on machines and industries.

Slater established his first mill in 1790 on the Blackstone River in Rhode Island. It was one of the first factories in the United States. Three years later, in Pawtucket, he built Slater Mill, the first American factory to successfully produce cotton yarn with water-powered machines.
Walking the Freedom Trail in
Boston, MA
The Mayflower was the ship that in 1620 transported 102 English Pilgrims,to the new world in search of religious freedom. The Pilgrims were way off course, missing the Virginia colony where their land grant stated they could settle. The pilgrims settled in what would be called "New England." Here they wrote the Mayflower Compact, an important document which was the first form of government in this new world. The U.S. Constitution is based on many ideas from the Mayflower Compact.
Lady Liberty
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