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Social Networks

No description

Fede Valero

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Social Networks

With social networks we can...
Types of social networks
How many people have social networks?

Social networks are web applications that make easy the interaction between people who are in different places
Share photos
Share videos
Read news
The use of these networks has extended around the world,therefore we can increase our contacts and meet people with the same likes from any culture.
Generic social networks

Related to employment issues

Thematic networks

Theres a ton of diferent social networks....
And theres a lot diferent forms of classification...
Javier Buendía
Álvaro Cano
Federico Valero

Horizontal social network
-Designed for comunication
-Exploited as a resource of sensible information and commercial purposes
- Facebook,Twitter,Tuenti...
Vertical social network
- Specialization of social networks
- Software and apps evolved into social networks
Impact on social networks users

Positive aspects
Have contact with friends
Meet people
Find job
Have update information of any event
Spend free time
Where you looking for a job?
Social networks
Negative aspects
Curiosities on social networks, and things you did not know...
Fake profiles
What's that?

It is harassment by adults to
minors in order to obtain
private information about
them, and use it for his own
(People steal your private information)


If you want to learn more...
- Charlie Sheen has the honor of being the person who obtained one million followers on Twitter in less time.
-Divorce attorneys agreed social media is cited in 20 % of all divorces
-Around the 20% companies use Social Networks as their only method of advertising
- Twitter can predict when you will get a ill
-If Facebook was a country... it will be the third most populated
-Dalai Lama had a fake Twitter account.
You can connect with any person in only six "jumps"

In 1967, Stanley Milgram tried to demostrate the
the theory with a experiment
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