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The Chinese Dragon

By Robbie Accomando

Michael Corvello

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of The Chinese Dragon

The Chinese Dragon
The Chinese Dragon
The Chinese version of the dragon is much different than how the West portrays the dragon.
The Chinese dragon differs a lot from how the
West sees the dragon. The Chinese dragon
is a wise, intelligent, and decisive figure.
The Chinese dragon is also very ambitious. It
symbolizes the essence of the Chinese culture itself.
The Chinese dragon is also a very powerful
but beautiful being. In fact it is a supreme complement to call an emperor "Dragon Face", meaning that
is very wise and powerful, like a dragon.
Chinese New Year and The Dragon
The dragon plays a big role in why the Chinese celebrate what we call The Chinese New Year.
The Chinese New Year was created to ward off the mythical dragon a long time ago. They did this because of the myth that the dragon would come to villages and kill the villagers so they used dances and loud noises along with red clothing (the color of good luck) to ward off the dragon. this ritual became a tradition.
The Elements and Chinese Dragons
There are quite a few types (or elements) of
To be exact there are five.
Today the chinese use an arrangement of noise-making machines and firecrackers.
The Fire Dragon
The fire dragon is definitely the most extrovert type of dragon. This dragon is also very competitive. He can arouse a lot of support and is short-tempered and intolerant. The prezis background is a fire dragon.
The Water Dragon
As you probably have thought, when there is a fire element there is a water element. The water dragon is a lot less selfish than other dragons. This element of dragon is a lot less power-hungry too. He is also more optimistic than other dragons.
The Earth Dragon
The earth dragon is a quieter dragon. He is reasonable in his approach to problems and is less iron-fisted. When this dragon makes decisions he is less rushed and takes his time in decision making
The Wood Dragon
The wood dragon is a more creative type of dragon. He is a brilliant dragon. The wood dragon is also not as self centered as the other elements of dragons yet he is still fearless when challenged.
The Metal Dragon
The metal dragon is a very determined dragon.
He is a very stubborn dragon as well. It is extremely futile to try to reason with this dragon. He also has very little regard for others feelings. He is definitely the most merciless dragon of them all.
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