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Fashion Designer

No description

Aleigha Robinson

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Fashion Designer

Aleigha Robinson Fashion Designer Personal Interest: I love clothes, shoes and jewelry. I love vintage and being different. I like to wear what no one else has. If im a designer i can make it all on my own . Why Be A Fashion Designer? Job Description/ Duties
Fashion design is the art of the application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories.

Analyze sales activities or trends, Use creativity in graphics, Use creativity to art or design work, Use graphic arts techniques, Communicate visually or verbally, Conduct market research, Conduct sales presentations, Create art from ideas, Cut or trim fabric or leather, Design tailored garments, Distinguish colors, Draw prototypes, plans, or maps to scale, Fabricate craft or art objects, Monitor consumer or marketing trends and many more. Personal Characteristics Fashion designers need the following characteristics: *Imagination and creative talent *A good sense of colour. *An identifiable personal style *Excellent time management skills and a capacity for hard work and long hours *Understanding of basic human body shape and how to manipulate fabrics and materials to fit. *Good communication skills both written (sketching ideas) and verbal *The ability to handle criticism *Perseverance and the ability to sell ideas to others *Excellent organization and multi-tasking skills *The ability to work well with a wide variety of people This Career fits my personality because i am very creative, i understand the basic human shape, i have great organization and multi-tasking skills. I have great communication skills and i'm willing to work with a variety of people. My personality. Bachelors of Fine Arts and/or Associate Degree programs in fashion design are offered at many colleges, universities, and private art and design schools. Education Needed Parsons The New School for Design
Scad: Savannah College Of Art And Design California College of the Arts Academy of Art University The Top Fashion Schools The working conditions of a fashion designer are as varied as the types of design work available. Because designers can be employed by major corporations, manufacturers, design firms or themselves, it is impossible to pin down a "typical" working condition. Should you choose to work independently, you'll spend more time one-on-one with clients, adjusting your work in their home or in your store until they are pleased with the final product. If you work for a larger employer, your day will be spent surrounded by people doing jobs similar to your own, usually in a well-lit and spacious center. Work Setting Because this is creative work, long hours are sometimes involved, especially during direct interaction with a client or during shows. Designers-typically independent artists-must sometimes accommodate their schedules to those of busy clients, and their work is not finished until someone else says it is. But most designers take great satisfaction in their finished product.
For many fashion designers, the most rewarding-and most stressful-part of their job is a fashion show. This entails long hours and constant interaction with models, buyers and reporters. It will also probably involve some travel to major metropolitan cities around the world.

Fashion Designers $64,530
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations $42,870
Total, All Occupations $33,840

The median annual wage of fashion designers was $64,530 in May 2010. The median wage is the wage at which half the workers in an occupation earned more than that amount and half earned less. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $32,500, and the top 10 percent earned more than $130,890.

Wages and Benefits * Management of companies and enterprises $70,660
* Apparel manufacturing 65,790
* Apparel, piece goods, and notions merchant wholesalers 63,750
* Specialized design services 60,900
* Performing arts, spectator sports, and related industries 44,130
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