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9753-ICVG General Education Prezi 3

No description

Shawn Murdock

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of 9753-ICVG General Education Prezi 3

Colleges and Universities
Military Recruiting Commands
Trade and Technology Schools
Public Service Organizations
Community Event Committees
Volunteer Organizations
Local Businesses
Public Departments
District Attractions
Major Brands
Our solution is the easiest on the planet
Emergency Alert and Digital Communication Network for Education
The most comprehensive emergency alert and digital communication solution available for education
With the fastest, most complete emergency alert system available
Instantly displays customized emergency messages with specific instructions throughout your school
Consultation, Assessment, System Design
Commercial UHD Displays, Media Players, Software, Network
Strategy, Design, Setup, Management
Installation, Project Management, Testing
Technical, Training,
Life-Cycle Management
We'll even help you pay for it
1. Determine value of impressions
2. Create custom sales support
3. Identify prospective sponsors
4. Expose students to the basics of digital advertising
Alerts every screen in your school
Including laptops, desktops, tablets and large displays
Faster than 911
Reacts within 500 milliseconds for quicker responses that save lives
Summons emergency personnel
Alerts law enforcement, fire, EMS as well as district officials
Hard and soft triggers
Alerts can be triggered from authorized mobile devices or optional hard-wired buttons
System-wide integration
Integrates with overhead paging and mass emergency alert systems
With messages that inform, involve, motivate and encourage
Keeps students and faculty informed
Make sure everyone knows what is happening around campus
Promotes student involvement
Encourage students to get involved in other school clubs and activities
Builds school community
Recognize student achievements,
influence good behavior, and much more
Encourages post-graduate planning
Let students know about opportunities from higher education, technical schools, career training and military
Students with hands-on, marketable skills
Gives students real-world experience
Our solution is the perfect tool to enhance your curriculum and help students develop marketable skills in technology, communication, design and marketing
We support experiential education
We provide on-going training and support for both students and faculty including annual training sessions, tutorial videos, webinars and phone support
Easy to use
If you can surf the web, you can use our system!
Simple, browser-based content management interface for drag and drop publishing
Easy to control
100% Cloud-based — Just sign in and go!
Authorized users can schedule and distribute content to any screen from any device
Easy to create
Ours is the only solution fully integrated with PowerPoint to preserve animations and transitions
Create great looking content without expensive
and complicated animation software
1. Authorized users create content using PowerPoint
2. Content is uploaded to the Hypersign cloud
3. Content is played on any number of screens
Expertise every step of the way
We provide complete turnkey service
Sponsorship Opportunities
Generate revenue with your communication network
We can help you develop partnerships that will have a positive impact on students... and the budget
Student benefits of sponsorship
Partnerships with positive sponsors can help to boost school spirit, offer relevant promotions and encourage post-graduate opportunities
Potential sponsors
Revenue Examples
• 1,200 High School Students
• 10 Impressions Per Student Per Day
• 140,000 Impressions Per Month
• $8 Cost Per Thousand Impressions Per Month
• $1,920 Revenue Per Month
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