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The Boat by: Alistair MacLeod

No description

Alison Petrunic

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of The Boat by: Alistair MacLeod

This novel is told from the sons point of view. It starts off with him in present day, then later changes to flashbacks to the memory of his past.
Point Of View
The Introduction;
The beginning of the book recalls the past and the rides the son took on the fathers boat. We also learn in the beginning that the narrator is a professor at a university.

Rising action;
The fathers interests in books effect the daughter and influences the opinion of their education.
The father is away a lot- the mother is very powerful and sometimes very harsh.

The Climax;
When the father dies it is very unclear as to whether or not it was intentional.

Falling Action;
The son no longer wants to take the responsibility of the boat so he then pursues an educational career as a college professor.
The setting of the story took place in Canada's East Coast around the 1940's.
Father; Very depressed, not very strict but still a kind, loving man.

Mother; Very strict, mean woman but also very traditional. She is very disciplinary but same as the father, she is very caring.

Sisters; Rebellious, modern & non- traditional.

Son; The son is a smart, caring and educated boy who is dedicated to learning the ways of the boat.
Angie && Alison
The Boat by: Alistair MacLeod
Structure of the book
The book is framed by the flashback of his father in the beginning of the story.
Big themes
The influence that family has on living an unconstrained life.
The tone of this story is very displeasing, as well as disheartening
The boat is a symbol of imprisonment and duty

The books and education are both symbols of escape.
Significance of anonymity
The author of this story wanted the reader to focus more on the main idea of the story, rather than the characters themselves.
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