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Avatar Case Study

No description

Deanna Bauld

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Avatar Case Study

Case Study

Film Budget
Production budget - $237 million and $9 million plus for re-release
Box Office Profit - $2,782,275,172
Directed, produced and written by him
Directed two of the biggest box office films of all time
James Cameron
Directed, produced and wrote 'Titanic'. This earned him Academy Awards for: Best Picture, Best Director and Film Editing
Creating the film
Deanna Bauld
Development began in 1994, Was planned for release in 1999 but the technology was not available to create his vision.
'Avatar' and 'Titanic'
Took over 10 years to create
Cameron wanted to create computer generated characters however he wanted to keep them looking realistic
used a skull cap with a camera to show every movement of the mouth and eyes as well as any other movements and facial expressions
Film to help create a 3D effect
3D and other technology
Cameron developed a filming rig that is more advanced than anything created before.
Consisted of stereoscopic cameras used to mimic the human eyes
Allows the cinematographer to capture two images at the same time
20th Century Fox
40% / 60% mix of live action shots and CGI
Critical Response
Rotten Tomatoes
Critics - 83%
Audience 82%
Oscars (2010)
- Best Achievement in Cinematography
- Best Achievement in Visual Effects
- Best Achievement in Art Direction
Golden Globes (2010)
-Best Director of a Motion Picture
BAFTA Awards (2010)
- Best Production Design
- Best Special Visual Effects
ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards (2010)
- Top Box Office Film
Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films (2010)
- Best Actor (Sam Worthington)
- Best Actress (Zoe Saldana)
- Best Supporting Actor (Stephen Lang)
- Best Supporting Actress (Sigourney Weaver)
- Best Director
- Best Writer
- Best Music
- Best Production Design
- Best Special Effects
- Best Science Fiction Film
Won 61 awards all together and was nominated for a further 74 awards
Box Office
Theater (Cinema)
- Domestic Box Office - $760,507,625
- International Box Office - $2,023,411,357
- Worldwide Box Office - $2,783,918,982
Home Marketing
- Domestic DVD Sales - $194,312,680
- Domestic Blu-ray Sales - $153,712,176
- Total Domestic Video Sales - $348,024,856
Cinema Release Strategy
Release in Theaters
- December 18th 2009 - (IMAX) By 20th Century Fox
- December 18th 2009 - (Wide) By 20th Century Fox
- August 27th 2010 - (IMAX) by 20th Century Fox (Released as Avatar Special Edition: An IMAX 3D Experience)
- UK - December 10th 2009
- Australia - December 16th 2009
- USA - December 16th 2009
Fox worked with the Coca-Cola Company. The Coke Zero bottles and cans could interact witj 3D technology when held up to a webcam
Cross Media Integration
Social Media
Facebook - 1.3 million fans
My Space - 80,000 friends
Twitter - 25,000 followers
YouTube - 11 million views
Flickr - 1 million views
Most tweeted film in January 2010
Brought in links to the soundtrack
Avatar Official Website
Includes images, videos, games, information about the film, create your own Avatar and downloads
-129 seconds released for online (YouTube)
- 210 seconds released for cinema use and later for online use (YouTube)
McDonalds happy meals
Cross Marketing
20th Century Fox allowed Megastar Cinema to show 16 minutes of the film to the press
Trailer shown during a Dallas Cowboys American Football game
- One of the worlds largest screens
- Said to be one of the largest live trailers
The opportunity to watch even more content on a number of devices and contents
Number of ways made available for the public to get their tickets
First images of the film were release on August 21st
Magazine Empire claimed the images for the October issue
Comic-con showed 25 minutes of the film
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