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On Going Care

No description

Steven Dampier

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of On Going Care

On Going Care
working in partnership with adults using services, families and informal carers
Working in partnership with the service users family can be very helpful to find out what sort of help and care the service user needs. For example the service user may have a family member who is their advocate so they can explain what care they need and how they like to have this care. By working in partnership with an informal carer you can releave some stress from them as they will no longer have to care for them by themselves and will have some professional help.
On Going Care work with a lot of agencies including care agencies, meals on wheels, physical therapists. We work alongside other agencies as sometimes someone needs more then one set of carers to help them with their needs.
On Going Care
on going care is an organization that supports and helps the elderly and frail people in the community to help them with everyday activities. we care for people within their houses so they can feel comfortable within their own home and with their care.This can be from helping them out and back in bed to making their meals so they eat.
partnership working
At On Going Care we believe that working in partnerships benefit the service user the most. This is so we can move people the safest way possible so both the service user and carers are safe. By working in partners you can also get more done in less time so if therefore more beneficial to the service users.
decision making processes and forums
the decision making process can become very difficult when it comes to a service user therefore a lot of people will have to come together which could be from different agencies to make decision about someones care to make it the best possible care for this service user.
staff training and induction
By always training your staff you are ensuring they are at the best quality of care to the service users. By having an induction when starting work the new member of staff can clearly see how the company works and what they need to do to follow the right policies and procedures that this particular company follow. Without staff training the staff may be used to using a particular way of moving people whilst others know a different way, by having staff training you can show one way to care so all staff are caring the same way.
multi-agency working
working with multi-agency means when they get different companies in to work together. this is very beneficial for the service user. By using different agencies you are giving the service user the best possible care as you can use all your different experiences and up them into one
charlotte osborn
quality care commission
what is the quality care commission? they are an independent regulator of health and social care across the UK.They investigate to ensure that people are giving safe, effective, compassionate, high quality level of care. If they do not believe that the care is to this standard they will put special measures in to ensure that these needs are trying to be met and improve. Once they have put these measures in place they will keep coming back to ensure that improvements are being made.
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