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Shattering Glass

No description

Anastasia Bernier

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Shattering Glass

Shattering Glass
By:Gail Giles
Main Characters
Steward Young: The main character in which the book is his perspective
Rob Haynes: Leader of the pact, very manipulative
Simon Glass: The nerd that Rob wants to fix, make popular
Jeff Cooper (Coop): The jock of the group who works a little too hard
Bobster: Part of the guys group, and has his fair share in their plans
Ronna Perry: Young's girlfriend for a while

Minor Characters
Lance Ansley: The bully, important but not necessarily a major character
Alice Danvers: Outcast
Blair Crews: Robert's girlfriend, Ms. Popular
Mr. Young: Steward's father who isn't supportive of his life decisions
Mr. and Mrs. Glass: Parents of Simon who aren't in his life

Ronna Perry: She didn't know much of what was going on, and from what she gathered she didn't want to go along with the devious plans
Coop: Although he let Simon take the ACT and replace his scores, he had a heart of gold and loved everyone considering his circumstances
Simon Glass: At first he is thought of to be a good guy, just a little nerd who has others helping him
Steward Young: Yet again, since it's in his point of view, you get the idea he is a good guy, then comes a time when you see he's not

One of the main settings was B'Vale high school. In order to go along with Rob's plan, they had to be at the high school to get Glass to become popular.
The only other memorable setting was Glass's house. The group spent a lot of time there working with and on Glass in order to make him into the person they want.
Other than that, they were out and about at different places.
Simon Glass is a complete and utter, nerd and outcast. Constantly getting picked on by the school bully, Lance Ansely. When one day, Rob Haynes has a spark of interest and decides to fix Simon up. This leads to the conflict of how to get Simon popular and liked, while tearing Lance down from his throne of popularity. Rob had already taken him down slightly, but he wasn't enough. This may have been why Rob wanted Simon to be popular, but for everyone else, it's a struggle to know whats in Rob's mind.
Rob Haynes: He used everybody to HIS advantage. He only wanted things to be his way, he needed everybody to conform to him.
Simon Glass: Became the bad guy once he began to gain power, after gaining that power he thought he was the one to rule
Steward Young: Never really did the right thing. He went along with Rob's devious plans,
Bobster: The only main thing he did bad was help kill Simon Glass
Major events
The first and most major event that happened is when Rob takes notice of Simon Glass. He had been talking to Steward about him before Lance started to bully Simon. Rob had taken that moment to realize Simon's potential. After that, Rob had taken him as a challenge, a mission: Make Simon Glass a somebody.
Once Simon starts to fit in and people begin to tolerate and like him, he gets his own mind. When he was first inroduced to the group he did what he was told, no question because he craved to fit in, like we all do. Afterwards, he would go against Rob and his orders, thinking of himself.

People's intentions are not always as they seem is not only a conflict, but a theme of the story. Young's jealousy becomes a major conflict due to the fact that he is no longer the center of attention. Simon Glass came in and stole the spotlight, Rob was much more into Simon than anything else, causing Young to grow an early hatred. Glass tries, you have to give him credit, he tries to get Young to like him, which leads them to find out some deep and dark secrets dealing with Rob. Keeping it a secret afterwards was even harder, considering he lied to them.
Considering the secrets unraveled about Rob, Young felt the need to be there for Rob. Show him the whole world wasn't against him. To start with that, Rob wanted him to get out of his relationship with Ronna. In order to do that, they had him go on a date with another girl, so when she came back she would hear the news and be done with him. Instead, she came to him, and found out the truth. Young was doing it for Rob so she would date Glass. Heartbroken, they were done with each other.
A major conflict for Young was watching Ronna be with Glass. He already hated Simon, and since he had to give her up, he had to watch her be with somebody else. In between that time, Coop was allowing Simon to take his ACT to get him better scores. Coop was not good at school, he was good at sports. In order to get into college and prove he was different from his dad, he had to get good ACT scores, which Simon was able to guarantee by taking it for him. Which is illegal.
Class favorites. To prove Simon is popular and cool, he had to be picked Class Favorite for Rob's approval of his project. He takes Ronna to the favorites dance where the results are presented. The problem was Glass didn't win Class favorite, but Rob did. Rob got extremely ticked off at this, considering it was not what he wanted at all. SImon had hacked into the school system and let himself win something by himself.
Rob being upset and angry since things weren't going his way calls for a meeting with the clique, with that Rob begins to go off on his tangent that Simon wasn't supposed to do what he did, it shouldn't have been the way it was. Simon, pretty much done with getting all the crap, as Rob hits him, thinking Simon can't defend himself. Simon on the other hand knows he can, brining up Robs secret. He was molested by his father at the age of eleven.
Major Conflict
After Simon had outed Rob, he outed Bobster and Young. At this point they are against him, and the fire has been lit when Rob begins to beat Simon with a baseball bat. With that Bob begins to also beat him. Coop attempts to interfere and stop them, only to get beat himself.
This story does not have a happy ending or a resolution. Simon Glass dies, Steward Young goes to jail while the others go on with their lives. Coop, although beaten receives a lot of support especially from Ronna Perry who will not see Young again. Their relationship is in the past and done for.
"We're all imprisoned in different ways"
-Steward Young
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