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Jaci Howard

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Blacksmith's

Blacksmiths presented by Drayden Webster
What is a blacksmith?
Tools the blacksmith used.
A blacksmith is a person that can make shields swords and weapons out of metal. They can also repair metal things. A blacksmith is an important job because who would make all the shields, swords and and weapons for war?
Blacksmiths used all kinds of tools to repair and make metal. They used tools called anvil, ax nails swages, chisels, drifts, punches and auger bits. those are just few of the things a blacksmith used to make or repair metal tools.
How to Become a Blacksmith.
Thanks for watching
by: Drayden Webster
I chose to be a blacksmith because I think it would be a challenging job. Also I like to make things out of metal and working with it.
First you had to become an apprentice when you were a child (around 8). To become a blacksmith, you had to work with a experienced blacksmith for 5-8 years. After years of training you would have to make a sample piece for the master and they would decide if you could become a tradesman or not.
What blacksmith made
Blacksmiths could make a lot of different things lets see some of them. They could make swords, daggers, arrows, nails, shields, armor, jewelry and things like that.
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