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Ethics and Unethical Research

No description

Ethical Research

on 12 March 2016

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Transcript of Ethics and Unethical Research

Research often raises ethical issues, especially when people are involved in the research process

In some cases, research involves vulnerable people (children, homeless people, people with disabilities, etc.)

Ethics in Research
Unethical Research
When research is conducted in a way that contravenes ethical norms and standards, or the researchers go too far in their experiments, research is considered as unethical

The most interesting
question related to
unethical research is
whether the results
should be published
and used for further

For example, Nazis conducted researches that violated human rights, but results of their experiments can be used by scientists today to discover new medicines that would significantly improve human health
Secret Experiments
One of the shocking facts in American history is that the U.S. government conducted many inhumane experiments on people without their knowledge and consent

Recently, it was published that the CIA and the Navy sprayed big cities (as San Francisco) with bacterial pathogens, released millions of mosquitoes in Florida

Thus, the main question is the following: IS THERE REALLY ANY RESEARCH ETHICS?
Research Ethical Principles
Basic principles of research ethics include:

responsible publication
social responsibility
human subjects protection
animal care
Ethics & Unethical Research
Thus, it is of the greatest importance to follow ethical standards when conducting a research
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