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Hero Journey of Skyrim - Luc Le - Hour 2

No description

Luc Le

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Hero Journey of Skyrim - Luc Le - Hour 2

The Departure
Hero Journey Project

By Luc Le
The Dragonborn was caught illegally
crossing the border between Cyrodiil
and Skyrim. He is currently riding a carriage
that is transporting him to Helgen, the imperial
execution camp.
Just as the Dragonborn is about to be executed,
a wild Dragon appears and attacks the camp.
The Dragonborn runs away during the chaos that
The Dragonborn befriends a stormcloak
named Ralof who is also escaping from
his execution. They escape together through
an underground cave. He escapes to the nearby
city of Whiterun.
After arriving at Whiterun, the Jarl
directs the Dragonborn towards the
court wizard, Farengar who tells the
Dragonborn to go to Bleak Falls Barrow to
Retrieve a stone containing information about
the Dragons.
At Bleak Falls Barrow, the Dragonborn finds
odd engravings in the stone. He then seems
to absorb the glow from a peculiar engraving.
This hints at the activation of the power that
ultimately lead him to defeat the final boss.
The Supernatural Aide
Once the Dragonborn returns from
Bleak Falls Barrow, he speaks to
the jarl. The jarl asks the Dragonborn
to help defend the western watch tower
against a dragon. After the dragon is
defeated, the Dragonborn absorbs its
life force. Thus, he discovers his identity
as Dragonborn.

After the defeat of the Dragon, the
Dragonborn is told by the jarl to
visit the Greybeards and ask for their
guidance. The Greybeards are one of the
Dragonborn's "Mentors." This marks the
beginning of the testing phase in which the
Dragonborn trains his powers and finds out
what he needs to do to complete the hero
journey cycle.
Here, the Greybeards train the Dragonborn
and help him develop his powers. They then
send him to retrieve a relic buried in the old
ruins of Ustengraav.
The Road of Trials
The Mentors
The Dragonborn fights through
all of the zombies in the dungeon.
Once he reaches the location of the
relic, he finds a note.
The Dragonborn heads to Riverwood and
meets Delphine who claims to be a member
of the old organization "The Blades." She
still doesn't trust the Dragonborn yet
and wants proof to show that he is the
Dragonborn. So they head to Kynesgrove
and fight a Dragon.
Delphine has now gained the Dragonborn's
trust and she will now aid him on his journey
to put a stop to the dragon crisis. She can be labeled as the companion archetype within the hero journey.
She suspects that an organization called the Thalmor
are behind this. Delphine says that the Thalmor have hunted the blades for the past 30 years because they were enemies in the previous war. So then she helps the Dragonborn infiltrate the Thalmor embassy in Skyrim to search for more information on the dragons.
The Dragonborn disguises himself and enters using a fake invitation letter to get past the front guards.
The Dragonborn infiltrates the embassy and heads into the basement. He retrieves his gear and eliminates the guards. He then comes upon some notes.
The Dragonborn finds a file on an old Blades member named Esbern. He then informs Delphine about Esbern's status and heads towards the city of Riften to search for him.
Within the temple, the adventurers come upon a wall. Esbern describes that the pictures tell of an ancient shout that was used to defeat Alduin for the first time (Until recently, Alduin was forced into dormancy). Without the knowledge from this wall, the Dragonborn would never have been able to defeat Alduin.
It is in Arngeir's knowledge that the legendary shout that defeated Alduin was called Dragonrend. In order to defeat Alduin, the Dragonborn must learn this shout. However, he only knows nothing more than the name of the shout he and tells the Dragonborn to talk to his master, Paarthurnax.
Esbern is the old loremaster of the Blades and he knows about the legends behind the dragons. He speaks of a legendary dragon named Alduin who is destined to destroy the world. He plays a crucial role in the storyline. He informs the Dragonborn on what he needs to actually do to save the world. He says the Dragonborn is the only one who can stop Alduin. Alduin is the final boss: the Abyss/The Final Battle.
Once they arrive at Delphine's hideout, Esbern speaks of an old Blades hideout. Esbern says that the only Blades members remaining are Delphine and himself. They wish to rebuild the Blades, So then Esbern leads them towards the new hideout.
The Blades hideout is located within the mountains. It seems like it has been untouched for centuries.
Background Info on The Dragonborn's Powers
The Dragonborn's abilities are manifested by "shouts." Shouts are powerful words normally spoken only by Dragons. These words are how the dragons fight and communicate. Every word can cause a storm to brew or spew flames out of a Dragon's mouth. Normally it would take a human a lifetime to master a few shouts, but the Dragonborn has a natural ability to learn them instantly and master them as fast as Dragons do. Therefore the Dragonborn is the only human who can fight on par with the Dragons. When the Dragonborn absorbs a Dragon, he is actually learning more words which extends his arsenal of abilities to use thus increasing his strength.
At the top of the mountain, the Dragonborn meets Paarthurnax; another mentor, who happens to be a friendly old dragon. He directs the Dragonborn towards the Elder Scroll (what this game was named for) which is supposed to contain knowledge on the Dragonrend shout.
Arngeir and Esbern tell the Dragonborn to head to the College of Winterhold. The librarian tells him to go to a guy named Septimus Signus who tells the Dragonborn the location of the Elderscroll.
Here in the old Ruins, the Dragonborn cracks open the safe and reveals the Elderscroll. He then heads towards the mountain where Paarthurnax is and opens the scroll.
In the following video, the Dragonborn opens the Elder Scroll which allowed him to look into the past. He watches the old heroes use Dragonrend and banish Alduin into Sovngarde. The Dragonborn learns the shout as he saw the old heroes use it.
This is the guy who helped the Dragonborn smuggle his gear into the embassy.
Nothing else is really shown in the video (Prezi wouldn't let me shorten it).
The Final Battle
The Return
The End
After the Dragonborn reads the Elder Scroll, Alduin attacks and is defeated by the Dragonborn. However, he manages to escape into Sovngarde and the Dragonborn must head there and defeat Alduin once and for all.
The Dragonborn is teleported back to Skyrim and is now revered by the Dragons and the people of Skyrim. He follows then follows the "usual" pattern in the hero journey in which he returns to live like a normal person with his people in the land of Skyrim.
Odahviing, once Alduin's soldier swears loyalty to the Dragonborn as his new master.
He defeats Alduin and all of the dead heroes of Sovngarde commend the Dragonborn for his heroic efforts. He has completed his duties and will now return to live as a hero.
The Dragonborn fights alongside the old Heroes he saw in the vision given by the Elder Scroll. Together they fight and defeat Alduin with the use of Dawnguard and the Dragonborn's battle strength.
He then meets a companion that is crucial to the events of this hero journey. This companion helped the Dragonborn discover his purpose and what he must do. Currently the Dragonborn is just an adventurer wandering around without knowing what to do.
The Companion
The Guide
The two blades members go with the Dragonborn to an old Blades temple.
The Last Trial
This is the climax and the most important scene in the Hero journey. Everything that has happened before lead up to this moment. The Dragonborn must defeat Alduin once and for all in order to save the world.
In the hero journey, the supernatural aide is something that separates the hero from the "common" person. It allows the hero to be able to conquer their foes with much more ease and it generally gives them a huge advantage. In this case, the Dragonborn gains the ability to "Shout" or ultimately, the ability to defeat dragons.
How it Relates
In most hero journeys, the hero leaves their homeland in order to fight for something or to save something. However, the departure of Skyrim veers from the "average" hero journey. The Dragonborn departs to escape, rather than for heroic efforts. He's technically a criminal for illegally crossing the border, but that is disregarded in the plot.
How it Relates

The testing phase is the phase in which the hero develops to be mature enough to defeat the source of the problems that have arisen in the plot. In Skyrim, the Dragonborn must learn who he must defeat and how he must defeat him. He must learn of those things while growing powerful enough to do those things.
How it Relates
The final battle in the hero journey is what the hero has been working for, for the entire duration of the journey. He has matured and is now developed enough to fight the final boss. In this case, the Dragonborn has grown powerful enough to be able to fight Alduin.
How it relates
The Mentors
The mentors are the ones who help train the hero to be strong enough to face the final boss or enemy. In this case the greybeards are the ones who raise the Dragonborn to be strong enough to defeat the dragons.
The Guide
The guide could be considered a mentor too, but the guide specifically guides the hero along his path. Esbern tells the Dragonborn about the source of the problems and what he must do to stop them.
The Companion
The companion is a person who helps the hero along his journey. They help face the foes and challenges that block the path of the hero on his journey. In this case, Delphine travels along with the Dragonborn and helps him fight dragons, leading him to defeating Alduin.
Summary of the Trial Phase
Escaping from execution
Defeating the first dragon
Discovering his true purpose
Retrieving the Elder Scroll and then reading it
Preparing to fight Alduin
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