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Summer Reading Project- Every Day

No description

Isabella Crasilli

on 7 September 2014

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Transcript of Summer Reading Project- Every Day

Summary of Every Day
The book Every Day by David Levithan is about a person named A who wakes up in a different body every day. All his life A has never stayed in the same body for more than a day. At age 16, A constantly struggles with the challenges that every teenager at his age in Maryland would face. The only difference between every other teenager and A is that A is not the same person ever day, he is simply a guest in someone else life. By knowing that he is just a guest, A has always been cautious with not disturbing the life of the body that he has been in. He does this by accessing facts from the body's mind he is in so he can properly act like them. Since he does not go off the persons feelings, he had never really felt love for a person for more than one day. That was until he met Rhiannon.
A was in the body of a boy named Justin when he met Rhiannon. Justin and Rhiannon had been dating for over a year and A quickly realized that Justin did not treat Rhiannon the way she deserved to be treated. Not following his rules of acting like the person who he is that day, A spent the day as himself treating Rhiannon the way he thought she deserved to be treated. And by the end of the day A ended falling in love with Rhiannon. Knowing that he could never tell Rhiannon who he really is, he spends the next days as different people trying to find ways to hangout with her. But one night while partying with Rhiannon as a boy named Nathan, A made the horrible mistake of not getting home in time and leaving Nathan to wake up the next morning in his car on the side of the road. A would soon realize that his little mistake had turned into a big problem. By being waken up in his car by police, Nathan tells them that he had been possessed by the devil and that is the reason why he doesn't really remember anything from yesterday.

Continuation of summary...
Nathan's story soon spreads and A eventually gets an email from Rhiannon saying that she knows he wasn't actually Nathan that night. Since A likes Rhiannon so much he decides to tell her who he really is. At first Rhiannon couldn't believe that what he was saying was true. But as they met over the next several days, Rhiannon soon believes that what A said was true. Even though meeting each other was a struggle, they started to make it work. Rhiannon enjoyed spending time with A, she still had problems accepting that she would never really see the true A. Although A was aware of this problem, he still tried to show her the real him. Over the next weeks He would tell her his favorite memories from bodies he was once in and they soon realized that they had many things in common. Without even knowing Rhiannon began to fall in love with A.
Rhiannon knew that falling in love with A was not smart but as her and Justin finally ended, she finally realized that her and A could never be. She realized that she couldn't have a relationship with someone who couldn't always be physically there for her. Although A tried to change her mind, he knew that she was right. They had stopped talking, but A still constantly thought about being with her. That was until he met Reverend Poole. Reverend Poole had been helping Nathan with his problems after he told everyone he was possessed; and now he told A that there were others like him and that he could help. He also told A that there was ways to stay in a body for more than a day. Leaving quickly because A couldn't believe what the Reverend was saying, A soon realized that this might be the way that he could stay with Rhiannon. Although he had never loved anyone more than Rhiannon, he couldn't possibly take away how someone lives just for his benefit. But he knew that he couldn't keep thinking how things could of been between him and Rhiannon for the rest of his life. So A emails her one last time and asks her to come where he was for the day. They spent the day as if it was the first day they met. No worries, just plain happiness. As the night ends with her in his arms, he says goodbye to Rhiannon for the very last time knowing that tomorrow he will run far far away and start his new life without her.
Character Development
Throughout the book Every Day, its main character named A develops into his own person. In the beginning of this book, A is very used to obeying by the rules. He doesn't cause drama or step outside the normal routine of the body he's in. Also he tries very hard not to get attached to people because he knows that there's no point in getting attached when they will only be there for 24 hours. But soon after he meets Rhiannon, things in A start to change. He now cares about what body he is in because he wants Rhiannon to like the way he looks so she will be more comfortable around him. Also he starts to focus more on what he wants then what is good for the person whose life he's borrowed for the day. This then starts to create problems in A's life which then leads him to going through his last development through the book and leaving Rhiannon for her sake and running away for his.
My Recommendation
I highly recommend the book Every Day. Throughout the book I learned many important lessons that I am going to keep with me for the rest of my life. For example I learned that there are many reasons for why people are they way they are. Also I learned that sometimes people can not help the way they feel/act. Lastly I learned that if you truly believe in something, then you don't need proof for it to be true. I feel like I learned these lessons so well because of the way the book was written. Having each chapter based on different peoples lives made you more interested in the book and what the author was trying to get across. I would recommend this book to teenagers because it is easily relate able and talks about the many problems that teenagers go through. Overall Every Day by David Levithan was a fantastic book and i would read it again in a heartbeat.
Graphics/Pictures/Videos/Photos continued
Every Day
By: David Levithan
This presentation created by: Isabella Crasilli

Favorite Paragraph
My favorite paragraph in this book is,
"If you stare at the center of the universe, there is a coldness there. A blankness. Ultimately, the universe doesn't care about us. Time doesn't care about us.
That's why we have to care about each other"(320).
The reason why this paragraph is my favorite is because it shows that even though people think that time is all that matters, it's actually the people we surround ourselves with throughout that time really matters. It makes you think about what's really worth worrying about in our lives. Most people spend half their life worrying about time, instead of just enjoying the moment as is. So it made me realize to stop worrying about time so much because time can not be stopped, where other problems can. Also this paragraph made me realize that even though we say that it would be easier to live alone, without people in your life there would be no point in living. It really makes you realize how everyone in your life is there for a reason. This is why that paragraph is my favorite.
I think that the first theme in the book Every Day is that what you say doesn't matter unless you prove it in your actions. What i believe the author is trying to say about your actions is that people can say that they will change, but unless you see changes in the way they act, their words mean nothing. For example, throughout the book Rhiannon always says that over time she will get more comfortable with the fact that she will never really see A, and you can tell that what she said was true.You can notice the difference by the way she acts around him. In the beginning she was very skeptical and didn't really like to have physically contact with him. But as their relationship progresses she becomes more open to him and starts to act if what he looks like on the outside doesn't matter as much. So by acting normal around A, you can tell that Rhiannon changed. This proves why I think the first theme in the book is that what you say doesn't matter unless you prove it in your actions.
I think that the second theme in this book is that even though everyone says you can't judge someone by what's on the outside, it's hard to fully know someone without knowing what they look like. What I believe the author is trying to say about judgement is that you can't fully have a complete view on someone without their appearances. For example, Rhiannon constantly struggles with the fact that she doesn't actually know what A looks like. Although it doesn't change the way she feels for him, it still bothers her that she'll never have a picture with the real A standing next to her. Even A finds it difficult that he'll never have his own body. This is how the second theme in this book is shown throughout the book.
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This picture explains how if you want something to happen, you have to do it yourself.
This video shows how hard it is for A to change into somebody new every day
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