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Past, Present, Future

No description

Carly Rysdon

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Past, Present, Future

Awkward Title
When I was younger..
What I'm doing now..
In the future..
I grew up on Breckenridge Circle and as a kid that's really all there was. Just the adjoining backyards and the few streets we would play on in front of our friends houses. Back then everyone knew each other. All the kids would play outside until the streetlights came on which was like the signal to everyone that it was time to go inside for dinner. The schedule was the same and the summers were perfect.
I had a short memory and I got distracted a lot. When I would be given a set of just three tasks I would only do one or two of them but out of order or I would do something else instead. Right before kindergarten my parents took me into the doctors and they concluded that I had severe ADD. Around first or second grade I was prescribed medication to take every day and I've been taking them ever since.
Eventually I would like to have a nice suburban house near a park. Having kids never really occurred to me. I guess I would eventually like to have 2 kids as long as I had the finances to support them. I have, however, given thought to having dogs. I've always wanted to have a german Shepard that I could go running with. Ideally I would live in the Anne Hathaway cottage in Wisconsin, however it would be more convenient to live near the rest of my family here in Sioux Falls. But I think that it's my decision and I could really just go where ever I want.
I would like to complete my schooling with a PhD in Psychology and a masters in Behavior Analysis.

As of right now I am completely happy with who I am. I have great friends, a supportive family, and I am confident in what I do. I have really enjoyed being at New Tech thus far and I couldn't think of a better place for me to go to school. The people are nice, the teachers are understanding and I've found a place where I feel like I belong.
I have been known to be a very spontaneous person and I just kind of do whatever and I like it that way. I try to help people whenever I can even if that includes putting their feelings before my own because I believe that everyone deserves their fair shot at happiness. I don't know how the rest of my life is going to go, I just hope I end up happy.
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