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No description

Fanise Nathan

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of H&M

Group n°6 :
Claudia Pustelnik / Blandine Sanchez
Damian Spyrka / Nathan Fanise How to convert H&M into a real experience for its customers? About H&M Offer fashion and quality at low price! H&M’s own designers interpret the latest fashion trends and create collections that are accessible to all 2,600 shops in 45 markets as well a an online shop and an application for smartphones Situation in the shop? Negative clues Functional Clues Lack of products (sizes, colours)
Lack of communication between stores
Store is not very organized Mechanic Clues Too bright light
Interior not state-of-the-art Humanic Clues Lack of competency regarding to the employees
Lack of communication between stores
Theme for the experience

"Get the clothes you want, or even more" Elimination of negative clues Use mechanic clues to impact on customers mood Current situation Exceed customers satisfaction with adding positive clues Customers experience at H&M Process to transform H&M into an experience for its customers Transforming the multi-channel strategy into cross-channel strategy

Computer in each store : customer can order directly not available articles

Better order system  Perfect functionality Enhancements Digital showroom on the computer -> more inspiration

More initiative from the employees -> training Create a better atmosphere in the stores

Engage all 5 senses to make the customers stay longer in the store Environment Functional benefits Emotional benefits Emotional bonds between customers and H&M Improve customers loyalty Hard for competitors to copy Reflection High Management Middle Management Frontline Employees Strategy & Structures Hiring & Motivation Key element of the experience : Co-creation of value for the customers How to manage the clues ? Inspiration and co-creation Positive Clues Latest fashion for low price
Fast moving collections
Wide range of products
Whole outfit in one place Current situation in the shop?
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