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Coca Cola Marketing

An overview of Coca Cola, their marketing strategies and the social affects.

Erin Thacher

on 21 August 2012

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Transcript of Coca Cola Marketing

The history of Coca-Cola Started at 5 cents a bottle. Originally made to cure headaches. Debuted May 8, 1886 Original name:
"Pemberton's French Wine Coca" The name changed due to prohibition laws. Dr. Pemberton spent more on advertising than he made in profits in the beginning, selling only 9 bottles a day on average. Today, Coca-Cola sells over 1.7 billion beverages per day. Coke is a social beverage. In early advertising, they used images of... Today, Coke is a world-renowned brand, easily recognizable and has positioned itself as a product with endless uses. Marketing Strategies: Baylor College of Medicine Experiment: Coke vs. Pepsi People's preference was determined by advertising and branding. PR Campaigns featuring movie stars, sports heroes, popular singers and Santa Claus. Coca-Cola purchased Columbia Pictures in 1982. Columbia Pictures provided subtle publicity through product placement. In 2006, My Coke Rewards program was released. The drink has a high degree
of identification with the United States
and is considered an "American Brand." Coke's Facebook page has 33 million fans and is the largest of any single brand. This page was not even created by Coke, but instead by two Coke lovers. Some numbers: 2006: $2.6 billion
2005: $2.5 billion
2004: $2.2 billion
2003: $1.8 billion
2002: $1.7 billion
2001: $2.0 billion
2000: $1.7 billion 1999: $1.7 billion
1998: $1.6 billion
1997: $1.6 billion
1996: $1.4 billion
1995: $1.3 billion
1994: $1.1 billion
1993: $1.0 billion The Holidays are Coming! The use of red delivery trucks, emblazoned with the Coca-Cola name and decorated with Christmas lights established a connection between Christmas and Coca-Cola. Life begins here.
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