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Locke v.s Hobbes

This what I like about Locke vs Hobbes

jaiden maning

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Locke v.s Hobbes

Locke believed a government can only be valid if it based on a social contract. The social contract between government and people worked both ways : the people agree to give
Social Contract
John Locke believes that a lot of people can control themselves and show responsibility,but still can sometimes get a little out of control."In the state of nature , people protect there natural rights by using their own strength and skill.
State of Nature
John Locke said that liberty means that people want to be as free as possible to make their on decisions.
Purpose of Government
Natural Rights
Locke v.s Hobbes
Hobbes believed that governments should have 1 strong leader and you cant overthrow it. He wanted protection and order more than rights.
Locke believed that government is to end the state of nature and give people certain protections. he also believed they should protect people' natural rights.
Life refers to the fact that
people want to live and will fight to survive
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