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Are You There God? It's Me Margaret.

No description

brittany roselle

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Are You There God? It's Me Margaret.

Are You There God? It's Me Margaret.
Margaret had some tough times. The biggest conflict she had was dealing with boys and her thought that she was growing up to fast. The main conflict in the novel comes from Margret's need to settle her mixed religious heritage (Jewish and Christian). She deals with her issues of belief in God throughout the book by starting her prayers with the words "Are You there, God? It's me, Margaret.”

Twelve year old Margaret Simon moves from NYC to Far Brooke to N.J. to an apartment house.
Her dad commutes to his job in Manhattan.
Her mom is an artist who paints pictures of fruits and vegetables.
Margaret's parents want her to pick her own religion once she is older and understands it. Margaret is confused because her grandparents practice different religions.
After the move, Margaret became good friends with a girl named Nancy. Nancy seemed like she knew a lot about growing up. She practiced kissing.
Margaret quickly becomes a part of the secret club called to Four Pre-Teen Sensations. Later in the story, Margaret has her first crush on a guy name Moose Freed. She learns a lot about herself and she begins to learn a lot about religion and different beliefs.

Basic Info
Title: Are You There God its Me Margaret.

Author: Judy Blume

-2012 Scholastic Magazine's Parent & Child 100 Greatest Books For Kids-1980 Great Stone Face Award New Hampshire Library Association-National Book Award 2011-Time's top 100 fiction books written in English since 1923.
The setting of the story was mostly in Margaret s neighborhood and at her middle school.
Margaret Simon - (Main character)
Barbara Simon - (Mom)
Herbert Simon - (Dad)
Sylvia Simon - (Mom's mother)
Mary and Paul Hutchins - (Dad's parents)
Nancy Wheeler - (Margaret's friend)
Gretchen Potter - (Margaret's friend)Janie Loomis - (Margaret's friend)
Evan Wheeler - (Nancy's brother)
Moose Freed - (Margaret's crush)
Miles J. Benedict Jr. - (6th grade teacher)

Peer Pressure is the main theme.
Peer pressure is the motive for most of Margaret's actions, including religious decisions and puberty worries.
Peer pressure is common among people Margaret's age, and Blume shows that through Margaret's conversations with God and her interactions with her friends.
Nancy, as the girl group leader of the Four Preteen Sensations, or Four PTS's, has the most influence as she gets the other girls to wear bras and loafers without socks. Margaret, Janie, and Gretchen settle into the followers' roles to Nancy's leader role. Belonging to a group is important for a preteen, and Margaret and her friends are willing to sacrifice to belong to the "club." It is especially important for Margaret, as she is the new girl. A discussion with the girls is what makes Margaret try to decide which religion she should join or if she should join.

Favorite Quote
" "
"Margaret dear--you can't possibly miss Laura Danker. The big blonde with the big you know what's!"'
Why Read It
I think this is a great book to read because if you are an insecure girl or just lost in life this book will really change you the way you feel. This book will definitely help you come to closer to God.

What I Learned
I learned a lot from reading this book. After reading this book, I was able to learn how to be a better communicator. I was able to talk to God about things I could’ve never talked to him before about.

Questions I Thought To Myself
What do you think will happen with her crush?
Do you think she will find her true religion?
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