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Sabra Martin

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Colombia

By: Sandecia, Sabra, Arnara, and Keoshia Colombia Spanish 2
Ms. Hernandez Why We Chose Colombia.. Colombia's History Colombian Flag Meaning Currency Cont. Yellow represents Sovereignty & Justice

Blue represents Nobility,Loyalty, & vigilance

Red represents the valor, honor, & victory through bloodshed In 1810 the king of Spain was overthrown by Napoleon

In 1819 Colombia gains its independence from Spain

In 1853 a constitution was adopted which abolishes slavery.

In 1899-1902 Colombia fought a Civil war : The War of the Thousand Days

In 1939-1945 Colombia helped the USA keep the Panama canal open during World War 2 Bogota is Colombia's capital
Main Cities:
Cali Capital & Major Cities Famous People.. Sports.. Napolean at war.. Music.. Typical Clothing Art.. Colombia is the # 1 supplier of Emeralds
Largest number of species of Orchids
-3500 types
Second largest raspberry producer in the world.
Colombia also has 583 species of amphibians. Peso's have been the currency of Colombia since 1810.
Jorge Isaacs Ferrer is on the front of the 50,000 COP. He was a Colombian writer during the 1800's , on the back is paragraph from his novel Maria.
On the 20,000 COP is Julio Garavito Armero, who was a Colombian Astronomer.
Policarpa Salavarrieta is on the front of the 10,000 COP. She was a seamstress who spied for the Revolutionary Forces during the Spanish Reconquista of the Viceroy of New Granada. She is now considered one of the major influences involving the ultimate indepence of Colombia from Spain. Colombia's climate is tropical along coast and eastern plains , it is much cooler in highland areas Climate Jose ASuncion Silva is on the 5000 COP.He was a poet , and he's also considered one of the founders of Spainish- American moddernism.
On the 2000 COP is Francisico Paula Santander y Omana, was one of the military and political leaders during the Colombia's Independece War.
Jorge Elicer Gaitan is on the 1000 COP , he was a politican and leader of a populist movemnt in Colombia. Currency.. Colombian music ranges from genres of rock, hip hop, to pop music. Shakira Ripoll From Barranquilla
Singer-songwriter, dances, record producer, choreography and models. Juan Manuel Santos Assumed office August 7th, 2010
59th President
From Bogota, Colombia John Leguizamo From Bogota
Colombian American actor, film producer, voice artist, and comedian. Foods. Artist: Dario Posada The meaning of this art work is to show all of the marvelous people and creatures that make up the country of Colombia. Artist: Gauche This art can be seen in the Streets of Bogota, Colombia. There is no significant meaning for the graffiti, but everyone who walks by the mural enjoys it's vibrant and random colors. Artist: Gabriel Nieto Bibliography The meaning of this piece is to show the folklore and natives that influenced the artist, Gabriel Nieto, as he paints. The main sport played in Colombia is futbol Famous Places San Andres is the most beautiful island in the world. It is 700 km from the Colombian main land, perfect beaches , excellent water sports , and diving. It's also the sea of seven colors and home to many hued fish and corals. Cali is colombian's third largest city. Cali offers historical areas with cultural variety and other attraction. Cali has alot of of museums and the most important zone is La Plaza De Calicedo. It's known as the salsa capital of Latin America. 1977- Skakira Hips Dont Lie
Andres Useche
1979- Carolina Lao
Fonseca- Desde que No Estas Men and women are both seen wearing ruanas during the cooler climate.

Ruanas- a cape that made of wool. Patacomes Green plantains
Ajiaco, chicken soup
Sancocho, Very Common Dish. Arroz Con Coco, Coconut rice Pudding
Sweet Potato Spice Cake Doughnuts
Bocadillos More On Famous People..
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