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Factors Affecting Menu Planning

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Aishwarya Raj

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of Factors Affecting Menu Planning

MENU PLANNING The type of menu is an important factor while planning the menu meaningful and purposeful when it is confirmed beforehand that the menu being planned is meaningful. The kind of meal and the nature of function also plays a crucial role in defining and determining the menu . Garnishes using traditional
names should be correct. Color should be considered as an important factor in consideration with the presentation of food as colorful garnishes improve the appearance of dull food. The capability of the kitchen staff and the type of kitchen also plays an important role in the menu consideration. This would depend on the eqipment availability. Methods of cooking should vary and suit the best possible way equipment and staff available. The type of clientele to be served.
Couples Style of presentation and garnish of dishes depend on stewards ability to present and serve the name. This reflects the standard of the establishment. The type of equipment and decor are also considered. The type of cutlery and crockery should match the theme of the establishment. Food cost should not
increase 40% of the
selling price. Season is also an important factor as climatic conditions may affect the suitability of certain dishes. Moreover seasonal availability affects price and quality.

Supplies should be easily available. Food in store should be used before ordering fresh supplies as far as possible. Wordings are of utmost importance in the preparation of menu.
Language must be easily understood.
French menus maybe accompanies with English translations.
French wordings must be spelled correctly.
Use of capital letters should be systematic.
Words used to describe the ratio should be agreed in numbers. Proper Balance should be struck between the dishes in the menu. Basic ingredients should not be repeated.
Avoid repeating the words while writing the menu.
Colors should not be repeated.
Menu should start with light dishes , progress to sustainable items and again end with light dishes. THANK
YOU -Aishwarya Raj
-Vishal Malhotra
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