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Westward Expansion Transportation By Micah and Alex

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Alex Sullivan

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Westward Expansion Transportation By Micah and Alex

Canals Canals were one of the other big improvements in transportation. One of the most famous canals was the Erie Canal.This gigantic canals was over 27 miles long which was the longest canal ever constructed in that time. Canals could send cargo or people anywhere. It took a long time to build a canal. A lot of people wanted success in building canals. Railroads The first railroad was built in England. During westward expansion
People were moving all around
all the time, but back in those times
they had horrid forms of travel.
The roads were usually awful .People would have to travel on dusty roads. The roads would have huge logs growing right in the middle. Also it took a long time to travel. To get from one side of the country to the other took over two years. This is why so many improvements in transportation had to happen. Steamboats Turn Pikes Transportation
by Micah and Alex Westward Expansion Peter Cooper designed and built the first steam engine to pull a train cars and he called it a locomotive. The train reached a speed of 18 mph. People needed a taste of adventure to rid on these trains. The trains had a habit of blowing up, jumping off the tracks,and If it broke down men would have to push it to the nearest town. Although the train became very popular after they let passengers on board. The turnpike was a way that The government made to improve the roads . They still use turnpikes to this day. Back then the turnpike was a little toll both with a long pike crossing the road. ones you payed the toll both this pike would turn up which is how the turn pike got its name. Conclusion Railroads,turnpikes, steamboats,
and canals all helped improve transportation. The railroad help by helping people go from city to city. Also the turnpike help fix the roads.
And the steamboat made water travel even more effective. The last but certainly not the least is the canals.The canals helped get farmers supplies to cities quicker. These are the big transportation improvements that happens during westward expansion. The steamboat was a amazing invention invented by Robert Fulton.Most people in Robert's time Thought the steamboat would never work they even called it Fulton's Folly.The steamboat was a new innovation in boats. This amazing contraption used a steam powered engine to turn a paddle boat at the back so this new boat could go both upstream and down stream. So Fulton was the last one laughing. Transportation
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