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Idiom Prezi

No description

Tonya Hobbs

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Idiom Prezi

Idioms The English language has thousands of idioms. Idioms are expressions that have hidden meanings. You can't tell what idiomatic expressions mean by taking the words within them literally. So, you have to understand
something about the people
or community in which idioms
are used to really understand them. in the doghouse Keith was really in the doghouse when he forgot his wife's birthday. In the doghouse means in lots of trouble.
It may even mean someone may get punished. Follow your nose means to go straight ahead. follow your nose When I asked my teacher the way to the library she said, "Follow your nose!" hang in there I was thinking about quitting when I heard my coach shout, "Hang in there! You can do it!" Hang in there means to not give up trying. Add fuel to the fire I wanted to help but I was afraid I would add fuel to the fire. You add fuel to the fire when you do something that makes a bad situation worse. You add fuel to the fire when you do something that makes a bad situation worse. Idioms
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