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The Character of Sinbad in 'Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha'

No description

Ally Lamb

on 1 May 2011

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Transcript of The Character of Sinbad in 'Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha'

Content Relevant information:
- told about Sinbad through the eyes of Paddy
e.g Page 95 "Sinbad's glasses had wire bits that went right around the back of his ears and made them stick out, to stop his from losing them, but he lost them anyway."

Sinbad's character:
-bullied by Paddy and his friends
e.g Page 8 "Kevin pressed the fuel capsule against his mouth but it wouldn't go in. i pinched Sinbad's arm; no good."
-agrees to these things to fit in
e.g Page 30 "i sat in the chair beside Da, Sinbad's chair. Sinbad said nothing."
-cute and likeable character.
- looks up to Paddy as his rolemodel but often still gets treated badly by Paddy's gang.

Important scenes:
-lighter fuel forced in Sinbad's mouth e.g Page 8 "This was terrible; in front of the others, I couldn't sort out my little brother. I got the hair above his ear and pulled it up; I lifted him"
-fight between his mother and father, e.g Page 257 "Big brothers hated their lttle brothers. They had to. It was the rule. But they could like them as well. I liked Sinbad."

Brief description of Sinbad and paddy's relationship;
-How does it develops and changes through the book Attitudes Effects Techniques Tecniques used by Doyle:
- Themes explored boy culture e.g Page 50 "I needed lepers. Sinbad wasn't enough. He kept running away. he told our ma that i was making him be a leper and he didn't want to be one."
- Sibling Rivalry e.g "Sinbad was no good at pretending. He had to to listen. Like everything was television. I had to get him away."

-Maturation and language development: Throughout the book Paddy gives us an insight into how his feelings and thoughts towards Sinbad have changed, on Page 8 "I just wanted to hurt him. his eyes were closed now as well but the tears were getting out. I held his nose."
And then on page 257 "I liked his size and shape, the way his hair at the back went the wrong way; I liked the way we all called him Sinbad and at home he was Francis. Sinbad was a secret."

- Doyle uses dashes to indicate speech to establish immdiacy of dialogue, Page 126, " -How was school? - Great, said Sinbad"

WISH Doyle has presented Sinbad as an effective and memorable character, we see this through Paddy's thoughts and speech throughout the novel. The writers intentions were to portray Sinbad in a humourous and poignant way, Doyle has been successful as the audience are often sympathtic towards Sinbad and care about him. ‘It went like a dragon'.
This quotation is from the passage where Sinbad is forced to put lighter fuel in his mouth and ignite it, so that his brother and friends can watch. We instantly feel sorry for Sinbad, and sympathise enormously towards him as he is often the guinea pig of their boyhood experiments.

Sinbad's attitude to his brother is usually caused by peer pressure.
'I hated Sinbad... Big brothers hated their little brothers. They had to. It was the rule.'
However, Patrick also takes responsibility for Sinbad because he is older than him. When Sinbad cannot keep pace with the elder boys in the group, Patrick waits for him: 'I had to wait for Sinbad. I looked back and there was no one after us but I didn't say anything. I grabbed Sinbad's arm and caught up with the rest of them.'

As the book progresses Paddy learns to deal with peer pressure and he recognises his real emotions towards his brother. If Sinbad died, Patrick said, 'I'd have no one left to hate, to pretend to hate...I loved Sinbad'. We now feel like Sinbad finally has an older brother to look up to, and someone that will look out for him. He has a much greater effect on Paddy later on in the book, than towards the beginning.

Introduction Sinbad’s role in the novel is the young brother who aspires to be part of his older brother’s gang, which includes tolerating the childhood violence of Paddy and his friends. Sinbad’s character changes, at the start he is portrayed as young vulnerable boy who is often susceptible to bullying. The reader looks upon Sinbad also as the feeble sibling who finds it hard to fit in which triggers the sympathy of the audience However as the novel progresses Sinbad is portrayed as being the mentally stronger sibling as Paddy struggles to cope with deterioration their parent’s marriage and the reader is then content with the relationship between Sinbad and Francis which has evidently developed this is important to the novel as it is key to Paddy and Sinbad’s development. The attitudes of other characters through the eyes of Sinbad
Pg 3. Paddy- “We left Sinbad stuck in the hedge and pretended we’d run away.”
• This examples show the attitude of paddy in Sinbad perspective from this the reader becomes aware that Sinbad if keen to be in with Paddy’s gang even if that means being subject to childhood violence.

Pg 9. Paddy- “Kevin shoved the capsule half-way into his mouth. Then Liam lit it with the match.”
• This example also highlights the child hood violence that Sinbad endured but it shows that Sinbad believed that what Paddy was doing to him was all part of being a little brother and by thinking this, Sinbad believed that the torturing was his role in Paddy’s gang.
Other minor characters.
• Similar to Paddy Sinbad doesn’t appreciate his mother at the start compared to the end of the novel however Sinbad acknowledges that his mother cares for him deeply and it is evident to the reader especially the lighter fuel incident that the love for Sinbad is unconditional.

The attitude of Sinbad through other characters perspective.
Pg257. “when I asked myself why I hated him the only thing that I could come up with was because he was my little brother.”
• Paddy is not willing to admit he loves Sinbad for the fact that he is afraid of being viewed upon by his friends as soft, but he near the end it becomes clear to the audience that Paddy really does love Sinbad.
Other minor characters
Pg. 15 “she was nearly crying as well.”
“Let’s see your tongue, she said.”

• From this example the reader can see that Mrs Clarke is shocked about what has happened to Sinbad but she tries very hard not to show her emotion.
• From the novel the reader is aware of the involvement that Paddy’s friends have in Sinbad’s life and from this the reader get the impression that although they act as if they would prefer if Sinbad wasn’t there, they enjoy having authority over somebody who can’t complain about it.
Pg 51. “I’m a leper wobble, wobble, wobble”
• From this example, the reader can see that Paddy and his friends enjoy being superior to Sinbad and his friends, the leper incident is a prime example of Paddy and his friends having authority as they pretend to be priests and make Sinbad and his friends be lepers.

The Character of Sinbad in 'Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha'
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