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Saludos y besos en los países hispanos

No description

Ally Vickery

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Saludos y besos en los países hispanos

Saludos y Besos en los Países Hispanos
Greetings and Kisses in Different Hispanic Countries
in general greet with a kiss
proper to introduce yourself to a group- don't wait to be introduced
men do greet with a kiss in Argentina
typically greet each other with a handshake
women greet with a kiss
maintain eye contact
El Salvador
Puerto Rico
(un beso)
(un beso)
men shake hands
women kiss once on the right cheek
Women and men greet with an "air kiss" on the right cheek
When meeting acquaintances, Mexicans greet with either a handshake or a kiss
Kissing is only women to man, woman to woman, but not man to man
When one meets a stranger they either greet them with a hello or shake hands
Always keep eye contact when someone is greeting or speaking
Men greet with handshakes
Women greet with a kiss on the right cheek
When first introduced a handshake is custom
Friends and family greet each other with one kiss on the cheek
Men do not greet other men with a kiss
Puerto Ricans tend to use frequent hand gestures in conversation
Women kiss on both cheeks, starting on the left
Men greet with a handshake
Men mainly use two handed shake
If men are good friends they pat each other on the back
Men and women greet friends with two kisses and a handshake
Mba´eixapa? meaning how are you is used in familiar situations with family or friends
Greet with Don and last name in formal situations for a man
Greet with Dona with first name in formal situations for a woman
men shake hands
men also might embrace and pat each other on the back
women kiss once on the right cheek
men shake hands
if unfamiliar, women pat each other on forearms
if familiar, women may kiss each other on the cheek
men wait for women to extend their hand
greetings are in soft tones
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