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2nd Crusade

No description

Blake Larson

on 29 January 2012

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Transcript of 2nd Crusade

2nd Crusade Route http://www.medievaltymes.com/courtyard/images/crusades/second/second_crusade_route_map.jpg THE SECOND CRUSADE!!!
By: Lindsey & Blake Who directed it? Louis VII (France) and Conrad III (Germany) Cause of the 2nd Crusade: Most of Conrads soldiers were
killed when they marched through Turkey. When Louis & Conrad reached Jerusalem, they decided to attack Damascus, for the loss of Edessa. (Source B). Source A Source A & C First Crusade to be led
by European kings Source C Who fought in it? Christians & Muslims Source A Announced by:
Pope Eugenius III Source C Christians failed and the Muslims had a great victory! Source C SOURCES!!! A)

B) http://historyforkids.org/learnmedeval/history/highmiddle/secondcrusade.htm

It was called in 1145 in response the
Fall of the Massacre of Edessa.
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