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Basics on Career Portfolios and CVs

Starting point to think about your career - remember, a career is about more than the job you want to get!

Arlene Tuang

on 13 August 2012

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Transcript of Basics on Career Portfolios and CVs

What is a Introduction to your Career Portfolio Career Portfolios and Curriculum Vitaes Are you sure? Are you sure? ? Objective
Related Experience
Work Experience
Skills Components of a CV/Resume The CV/Resume is a summary of the qualifications, experience and skills you have that are relevant to the job. Port = to move Activity 1: Take a look at some samples of Curriculum Vitaes
in the Documents for Analysis (10 minutes) Folio = paper and artifacts A documented record of life experiences that demonstrates:

WHO you are
WHERE you are going
WHAT you can do It is about the journey throughout your life, not the destination What is a career again? Your portfolio will always be a work in progress and change and new artifacts will be added as new experiences take place Why do a career portfolio? Activity 1: Write down 2 achievements, accomplishments or activities you have done in the last 3 years that you are proud of Activity 2: Now brainstorm the skills you have developed through these accomplishments.
Write down 2 of your future goals HOW CAN THESE FUTURE GOALS BE REACHED USING THE SKILLS YOU HAVE ALREADY DEMONSTRATED IN YOUR PAST ACHIEVEMENTS? Discuss You have already done an assessment of your skills, personality type and found out about jobs that may suit you. Now,use this information to help you research companies, job descriptions and industries you are interested (see BB for hyperlinks).

Can you find any matches to your own skills, traits and/or values? See HANDOUT_1 CAREER PORTFOLIO INFORMATION _ Why do a Portfolio in Blackboard. Activity 3: Now brainstorm a list of the types of artifacts or documents that you think would best represent you in your portfolio Use handout 2: Checklist to assess the value of your chosen artefact or document REMEMBER, YOU HAVE TO KNOW YOUR PORTFOLIO TO BE ABLE TO USE IT EFFECTIVELY IN INTERVIEWS AND/OR PRESENTATIONS Your portfolio is a method of communication between you and key people in your career, including future employers and clients Homework 1: Gather 4-5 more artefacts for your portfolio.
Use the checklist to assess it's value.

Homework 2: Draft up a CV (keep it to 1 - 2 pages) - you can use the student cv toolkit to help you

Think about how the artefacts you have chosen for your portfolio might complement your CV See Handout 3: Review steps to follow to develop an outstanding portfolio SEE EXAMPLE E-PORTFOLIOS ON

You can set up a free e-portfolio on google docs if you wish. What do I want to convey (my career objective)?
What are my core skill/competencies?
What are my major achievements? WHEN WRITING YOUR CV, ASK YOURSELF:
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