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Wickwire Pool Project

No description

Caitlyn Jenkins

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Wickwire Pool Project

Wickwire Pool Project
History / Research
Donated by Charles C. Wickwire in 1946
Free town pool for an extremely impoverished town.
Hands out free lunches.
Continuously patched to keep the pool running. Damages too severe.
Estimated $1,000,000 fix.
Around $200,000 raised
SUNY Cortland
Free lunches
Free swim lessons for children
Safe environment
Free pool
Increase in tax dollars
Constant expense for upkeep
Seasonally opened
Keeps kids out of trouble
New friendships
Increase health
Strain on city resources
Competition amongst other pools
Limited hours
Limited membership(only faculty, faculty spouse and child over 16, alumni)
Supervised swimming
Fees from $96- $250 a year
Better equipment
More teaching opportunities
Expensive (Family package $57.00 a month and $635.00 a year)
Swimming lessons
Limited hours
Open year-round
Media Plan
To raise a million dollars for repairs
Spread awareness

The community pool has closed down due to renovation needs and lack of funding
Wing Night for Wickwire
Children's Banner
Spring Fling Sunglasses
Wickwire Music Festival
Humans vs. Zombies
Raise awareness and funds in order to renovate the Wickwire pool.
Call to Action
"We can Make a Difference"
Matt Brooks
Ian Campbell
Dan Greene
Caitlyn Jenkins
Chelsea Marks
Will Ponce
Julie Tramacera

March 21st
Wing Night for Wickwire
April 1st the Event Commences
Humans vs. Zombies
April 28th
Sunglasses begin to sell
April 26th
Wickwire Music Festival
Facebook - event page
Twitter @wwpool
Instagram @cortlandhabitats (name subject to change)
Print Ads/Fliers
SGA Mass E-mail
Humans vs. Zombies
Ends May 1st
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