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Advanced skills in fish and shellfish

No description

Simon Hallas

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of Advanced skills in fish and shellfish

Advanced skills in fish and shellfish
Farmed fish
Farmed fish/shellfish.
The Advantages of using farmed fish are;

More economical
Can be bred to size and weight specifications
Sustainable sources of fish
Can make a significant impact on wild fishing quotas
Farmed fish fry can be used to re-stock depleted waters

The disadvantages are that;
The fish can threaten the surrounding fresh water with parasites or disease
Fish farmers may use pesticides to control outbreaks of disease when eaten this may affect human health
Shellfish culture can be responsible for the introduction of exotic species that can sometimes out-compete native species for natural resources.

Hook and line caught fish
Hook and line caught fish.
The advantages of using hook and line caught fish are;

Makes little impact on the supply of fish to the world’s markets
Features as ‘menu terminology’, to suggest a quality product and distinguish from farmed and net caught fish
Fish not required for consumption can be released quickly
Usually very fresh

The disadvantages are that;

Lost line and hooks can threaten other wildlife
Can encourage poaching
Can be very expensive
Unpredictable availability

Net caught fish
Net caught fish.

The advantages of using net caught fish are;

Can catch huge quantities of fish using huge nets
Large variety of reliable sources of fish
Predictable sourcing

The disadvantages are;

Over fishing has endangered some fish species
Nets also catch undersized and (sometimes endangered) unwanted fish, which are usually discarded dead
Can damage the seabed and habitat
Has led to increases in price of certain species of fish through overfishing

Fish mousseline
Fish mousseline

The main ingredients to make a fish mousseline are;
Blended flesh of fish or shellfish
Egg white
Seasoning and flavourings such as lemon and herbs

The uses for a mousseline are;
Stuffing paupiettes
Shaped as quenelles

Methods of preservation
salting, pickling, drying and smoking are popular and may be chosen in preference to chilled or frozen fish as they provide an alternative choice in taste, texture and colour to fresh fish.

They are traditional, well established methods of preservation, still enjoyed by various cultures, and they provide a way of enjoying fish served cold

Composition of sole and salmon
Lemon sole or plaice.
The flesh has a delicate texture, and is usually cooked quickly or delicately
Whole fish of portion size is often cooked whole by grilling or shallow frying
Fillets are small and delicate, and are usually poached as paupiettes, shallow fried or deep fried as goujons

The flesh is robust, and can therefore be cooked in a variety of ways such as poaching, grilling, frying, and steaming
Flesh is oily, so the fish is not usually deep fried unless protected by a coating such as tempura batter.
The fish is round, and can therefore be cut into darnes, supremes or paves

Composition of shellfish
Langoustines or crayfish.
The flesh of shellfish is generally tougher and more robust than that of fish
They are usually cooked (and therefore protected) in their shells, and can therefore be steamed / boiled / grilled
They have an intestinal tract which should be removed after removing the shell
If overcooked the flesh can become rubbery in texture

Squid contains a quill or pen, which must be removed before cooking
Flesh is rubbery, and is therefore normally cooked very quickly to prevent it becoming more rubbery
Flesh is usually scored to prevent retraction upon contact with heat

Scallops come in a shell, which is removed before shallow frying or grilling
Can be steamed in its shell
The roe / coral of the scallop, although edible, is usually removed before cooking
Texture of the flesh is most tender when raw, and should be cooked very quickly to avoid becoming tough

Shallow frying effects the composition of a mackerel.
The fats melt, causing the flaky structure of the fish to become more delicate and to separate
The proteins coagulate, causing the flesh of the fish to become firmer

How to clean, prepare and cook mussels
Hollandaise sauce
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