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103lab Day1 (Fall2013)

No description

Bruce Mercer

on 24 December 2013

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Transcript of 103lab Day1 (Fall2013)

How do I logon?
About this Course!
Computer Literacy
103 lab seating
Report problems with equipment right away!
10 seats
12 seats
8 seats
First Name (alphabetically)
...and how do I find other rooms in this school?
What is this class about?
What have other students thought about it?
Who is the teacher?
Where are we?
What browser do we use in this class?
Leave your backpacks and supplies near the front desk
What are the most
important rules
for this classroom?

Enter your 6 digit student ID#
in the top window
...and your password in
the bottom window
Ctrl + Alt + Delete
Explore Gzaas:
Where do we sit?
Last semester's final project demo:
About Me
BISD Profile
Personal Profile
Been a teacher at BMS for 17 years
4th year teaching technology
My wife teaches 8th Grade Science here
My sons attended school here
Explore this site:
at the top of the Chrome browser window
like this:
No food or drinks consumed in this lab!!!
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