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ghosts- are they real?

No description

Peyton Jovanovic

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of ghosts- are they real?

Aliens - Are They Real? I feel that aliens ARE real!
There's no real explantion for all the footage caught of aliens. For every star there are gases.
For every certain amount of gas there are planets.
We all know how many stars there are in our universe, so imagine how many other planets there are. In that case there is no way we are the ONLY living things in the universe THE FOURTH KIND If you ever stayed and listened to the credits of THE FOURTH KIND, it has the recordings of a bunch of people who have reported UFO sightings in the past... ...every single person describes the UFO the exact same way. "It had three lights. Two red ones, and then one big white on in the center" If you have seen this movie, you know the kind of footage that it contains. Some of it is filmed with actors, but most of the movie contains real footage and a real interview with the victim of the aliens How do you explain the evidence that they show? You can't.. These two pictures were taken by two robotic explorers that we sent up to Mars in search of water. Instead, the explorers sent NASA these pictures of a mysterious creature walking Mars **People believe different things, what you want to believe is up to you. the only reason why people dont believe in aliens is because NASA has not clearly stated that they are real. With all the evidence we have up to this day, i feel that its easy to say that aliens are indeed real. THE END
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