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Mountain Dew Glow Sticks

No description

Kayla Coloyan

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Mountain Dew Glow Sticks

Materials you need to have:
Baking Soda, 20oz bottle of Mountain Dew, Orange Starbursts, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Dish Soap.
Functions of each Material:
1. Baking Soda: Sodium, Hydrogen, Carbon, and oxygen.
2. Mountain Dew: Not an element because it is a mixture of compounds dissolved in carbonated water.
3. Orange Starbursts: Starch that has been chemically altered to become a specific food.
4. Hydrogen Peroxide: Compound containing an oxygen single bond, or an ion. 2 molecules of Hydrogen, 2 molecules of Oxygen
5. Palmolive dish soap: Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Sodium, Potassium.

Mountain Dew Glow Sticks

A lot of these compounds are molecular, because ionic compounds include slats.
Physical and Chemical Properties of the materials
Baking Soda
The physical properties of baking soda is that it is a white odorless, crystalline solid. It is soluble in water but slightly soluble in ethanol.
The chemical property of baking soda is that CO2 is released when an acidic solution is added. Ex: Iodine, Vinegar
Mountain Dew
Orange Starbursts
Hydrogen Peroxide
Dish Soap
Physical Properties: It is a liquid and it contains carbonation. The color is greenish and yellow.
Physical Properties: It is a shaped as a little cubed square. It is a light orange color. Its hard and squishy
Physical Properties: It is a pale blue liquid. Its nature is viscous and syrupy. It is unstable at room temperature and is soluble in water, alcohol and ether in all proportions.
Chemical Properties: Decomposes into H2O ad O2 easily. Causes bleaching of some things. Can be explosive in higher concentrations
Physical Properties: White Powder with an aromatic color
Chemical Properties: Soluble in water and ethanol
5 Steps to create your Mountain Dew Glow stick
Chemical Properties: Phosphoric Acid is in soda because it gives the taste more of a sharper flavor.
Chemical Properties: We were not quite sure what orange starbursts chemical properties were..
Extra Credit Video:
During this project we were trying to create a glow stick. We used a few simple

objects to experiment and wanted to see if it would work. We used mountain dew, baking

soda, starbursts, soap, and hydrogen peroxide. We combined all these together and shook

it up to see if it would glow, it didn’t. We then learned that this experiment was

false because it would not glow. Through some research we found out that this

experiment was fake because some people would poor in glow stick fluid which

would make the entire experiment glow. The purpose of this experiment was to

solve the question weather the glow stick experiment is true or false, we found out

that it was false.
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Created By: Kayla Coloyan, Nina Wood, and Wailani Martin
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