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Matthew Basham

A little bit about me and my research interests

Matthew BASHAM

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Matthew Basham

Matthew J. Basham, Ph.D. Research Interests Recent Publications 2009-2010 Past Work Experiences Other Sites: Linkedin
Second Life
Yahoo IM

Contact me:
cell/text Dr. Basham’s expertise falls within the realm of community college administration. After ten years of progressive experience in community college administration his research focuses upon institutional effectiveness/research and workforce development. To this end he has many publications on substantive and formative policy development for community college administrators. Currently he is finishing a ten-year longitudinal project examining the critical issues for community colleges with respect to three distinct areas: instructional programming and services; planning, governance and finance, and workforce development.

Basham is also active within the workforce development area, having spent almost 20 years as an accomplished professor of computer networking (CISCO) and computer technologies. His publications have been widely heralded in publications such as the New York Times (online edition), CNET.com, Business.Com, Slashdot.org, The Register (UK), ABC radio and others. He is currently working on contract from THECB studying the effects of new curriculum being developed to address the specific needs of marginalized populations in the K-12 and Community Colleges in Texas. * Basham, M.J., O’Daniels, T.M., & Campbell, D.F. (2010). Change is good…You go first. Invited Publication to Leadership, from the Chair Academy Conference in Minnesota. (Under Review)

* Basham, M.J. & Mathur, R. P. (Spring 2010). Dynamic Leadership Development in Community College Administration: Theories, Applications, and Implications. Invited Publication (and accepted) in New Directions for Community Colleges.

* Campbell, D. F. & Basham, M.J. (2010). Critical issues for community colleges: Some reflections, conversations, and thoughts for community college administrators. Community College Journal of Research & Practice (in pressInvited Publication from the American Association of Community Colleges Annual Conference).

* Basham, M. J., Campbell, D. F., & Garcia, E. (2010, January-February). Stop the presses! Using the journalism field as a case study to help community college administrators today. Invited Publication to the Community College Journal of Research & Practice, 34(1-2), 175-198.

* Mendoza, P., Basham, M. J., Campbell, D. F., O’Daniels, T. M., Malcolm, Z., Felton, S., Lebesch, A., & Douma, D. (2009, November). Missions, values, and “flying monkeys:” Critical issues for community colleges today and in 2019. Community College Journal of Resarch and Practice, 33(11), 866-882.

* Basham, M. J. & Campbell, D. F. (2009, August). Introduction. (Special Edition on the best research and practices in SACS accreditation). Invited Publication to the Community College Journal of Research & Practice, 33(8), 609-610.

* Basham, M.J., Stader, D. L. & Bishop, H. N. (March/April 2009). How pathetic is your hiring process? An application of the Lessig “Pathetic Dot” model to educational hiring practices. Invited Publication to the Community College Journal of Research & Practice, 33(3/4), 363-385.
Assistant Professor and College-wide Program Director, 2005-2007
Business Technologies-Computer Science Department
St. Petersburg College, EPICenter Campus, P.O. Box 34689, St. Petersburg, FL 33733

Managed all aspects of the Computer Science portion of the Business Technologies Department (oversaw an average 10 personnel including faculty, adjuncts, staff, and administrative assistants) including assessment, curriculum development, business unit planning, budget (around $1,000,000 per annum), payroll, faculty and staff evaluations, hiring and personnel decisions, program evaluation, new program development, acquisition of funds through grant development, accreditation management (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools-SACS), executive leadership colloquia, student advising supervisor, student petition and grievance committee member, and helping to streamline business operations of the college.

Adjunct Professor, University of Florida Summer 2007
Taught introduction to statistics course for the McNair Scholarship program.

Assistant Professor and Program Director-Cisco Technologies, St. Petersburg Junior College, FL, 2000-2005.

Created a 7-year longitudinal analysis of Business Technologies programs, streamlined curriculum and offerings, served on statewide transfer and articulation committees that increased student persistence/completion rates. Created a free web-based curriculum program called “FreE School @ SPC” to increase student enrollments. Maintained program completion rates averaging 60% over seven years where statewide counterparts averaged less than 25%. Streamlined business operations of campus-wide department in two years that reduced duplicative paperwork, meetings, and expenses.

Program Director/Instructor, Pinellas Technical Education Center, St. Petersburg College, Clearwater, FL, 1998-1999

Created a packaging machinery program that placed almost every student into $17-20 an hour jobs before completion. Enrollments maxed out within 6 months. Maintained enrollments in computer electronics program while managing industrial programs.

Adjunct Professor, St. Petersburg Junior College, Tarpon Springs, FL, 1994-2000

Director of Education and Training, ABC Packaging Machine Corporation, Tarpon Springs, FL, 1995-1998

Instructor Public Relations, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, 1993

Supervisor of Research/Systems Support, Perceptive Market Research, Gainesville, FL., 1992-1993

Co-developed research instruments, created SPSS programs for data input and analysis, trained administrators, facilitated focus groups, wrote reports, and presented results to clientele from national clients. Also helped prepare grant applications to secure projects and funding from government clients.

Teaching Assistant, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, 1992

Taught lab section of public relations, journalism, marketing, advertising, and broadcasting class.

Statistics and Thesis Advisor, University of Florida, 1990-1993
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