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Game On! ACRL 2013

No description

Jodie Borgerding

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Game On! ACRL 2013

Game On!
Leveling up your video game collection Student population of 18-22 year olds Jodie Borgerding
Instruction & Liaison Librarian
Webster University Video Games for Curriculum Support Reality is broken. Game designers can fix it.
- Jane McGonigal http://www.flickr.com/photos/gsalesvz/6590659903/ BA – Animation
(9 degrees awarded in 2011-12)

BA – Interactive Digital Media
(11 degrees awarded in 2011-12)

Undergraduate certificate in Video Game Foundations
(3 certificates awarded in 2011-12) Gaming Theory http://www.flickr.com/photos/scoobymoo/19863613/ Curriculum Support Collaboration Keeping Up With the Field Jodie Borgerding, Webster University
Cynthia Dudenhoffer, Central Methodist University
Kate Kosturski,JSTOR/ITHAKA Video Games for Student Development Cynthia Dudenhoffer
Central Methodist University Why Video Games? Isolated, rural location Wiis Information Commons Game-based Learning Non-traditional learning space National Gaming Day! Programming Donation! Building the collection Student requests

Used games

Supplemental Equipment Vintage Collection historic value Super popular Catalog
Student Use Mechanics Happy Students!!

Angry Faculty! Campus Support Continue to Build

Campus Events

Game-Based Learning

Information Artifacts In the Future THANKS!!! Jodie Borgerding
Instruction & Liaison Librarian
Webster University
@jlborgerding Cynthia Dudenhoffer
Director of Information Resources
Central Methodist University
@librarian_cyn 121 Checkouts 104 Checkouts 95 Checkouts 78 Checkouts 77 Checkouts 69 Checkouts Top 5 Games
(as of 3/20/13) Collection Development Future Plans 3,681 total checkouts. 164 titles in the collection Best Practices for Video Game Collection Development Kate Kosturski
2011 GameRT ALA Emerging Leader

Twitter: @librarian_kate Why Collect Video Games Entertainment
Students need to relax too! :)

Academic Support
Art & Design

Desire to preserve a cultural artifact
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Issues in Collection Development Funding
Belief collection does not support academic programs
"There's no place for these games in the library!" So Why Won't My Current Collection Development Policy Work? Video games are active entertainment
Intense pace of change of industry
Interdisciplinary nature of game study What Makes a Good Game? Selection and Purchasing
What to consider when buying? Further Reading 2011 Emerging Leaders Project Space on ALA Connect


2012 GameRT Emerging Leaders Project
(Focus on Video Game Review Criteria)

http://connect.ala.org/node/183301 Places to Buy Your Local Game or Hobby Shop Where to Start? Selection and Purchasing
Access and Circulation
Weeding and Collection Maintenance
Cataloging Some Core Genres to Collect Social Collection Maintenance Higher Fines
May be a deterrent to borrowing games
Resurfacer/DVD Cleaner Gaming Developments Tablet and Smartphone Games Cataloging What Makes a Good Game Cataloging Record? Narrative Action Knowledge Strategy But if you don't have one in town.... My awesome local shop
(Norwalk, CT) Circulation and Access Storage and Display
Remote v. Open Shelving
Staff Time in Retrieving Game Loan Periods and Fines
Optimal gaming experience
Currency Holds
Physical v. Online Browsing
Length of time to play the game Alterac DVD Repair Kit Scotch DVD Cleaner Kit Memorex OptiCloth CD/DVD MicroFiber Cloth System Information
Name of Gaming System
Special equipment? Credits
Art Director
Voice Actors
Program Director
Game Studio Game Details
Game Synopsis
Number of Players
Online Multiplayer Capability? Miscellaneous
Product Description
Game Rating
Price Basics
Gaming System
Publish Year
Price Digital Gaming Platforms (Steam) Analog Video Games (Board Games) Weeding Video Games are so New - Why Weed at all? Freshmen Experience Course

Honors Students

Video Games as Cultural Artifacts

Multimodal Learning Publics do it, why can't we? Nontraditional Collections Board Games Finals Resting Place Attendance and checkouts are going up!

6 games and 2 systems added in 2009

74 games and 5 systems total in 2012 Peripherals! Kate Kosturski
2011 GameRT ALA Emerging Leader
Twitter: @librarian_kate But First!


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