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Effect of World War I on American Society and Economy

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Elizabeth montanez

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Effect of World War I on American Society and Economy

The Positive and Negative Effects of WWI on American Society and Economy
Positive Effects
The war made it possible for America to be the leading world power.

America became the industrial hub around the world.

Negative effects
Industry production went down when the soldiers came home.

There were not enough jobs for the returning soldiers.
Works cited

Women obtained the right to vote

African Americans and women gained the right to work a variety of jobs

As industry boomed, the economy boomed.
More previously unemployed people held jobs, and the finances of the public, which had been poor since the recession of 1897, improved.

America Joins alliance with Great Britain and France
The unemployment rates played a part in bringing the Great Depression.
Americas haste to join war caused many soldiers to die.
Soldiers returning home after the war.
Brianna Pitts-Field
Elizabeth Montanez
Women working in the factories during WWI.
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