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Top 10 Books That Have Impacted Me

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Udo Eze

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Top 10 Books That Have Impacted Me

Reading Odyssey Project How Books Have Impacted Me Made me feel scared Made me feel happy Made me feel sad Made me feel alone Made me feel good Made me feel guilty Made me feel pain Made me feel bad Certain books can make people feel a certain way after reading them. These are some of the ways books have made me feel throughout my life. Books That Have Made an Impact on My Life Peter Pan Mickey Mouse Green Eggs and Ham Pinocchio The Cat in the Hat The Lorax Goodnight Moon Six Million Paper Clips Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief How It Impacted Me Peter Pan taught me to believe in anything I put my mind to. This book helped me believe in myself and other people. Peter Pan showed me that if I believed in myself, I could do anything. How It Impacted Me This book changed my life because it made see that there is always a "sunny side" to things that we can't see; we have to find it. It also encouraged my social skills by knowing how to do things with a group of people. How This Book Impacted Me This book taught me to never talk to strangers or let them in your house. Ever since I read this book, I am more wary of people and I know that some people may not be what they seem. Aesop's Fables How It Impacted My Life This book helped me fall asleep at night and get a good nights rest. My mom or dad read this book to my brother and I before we went to bed. I also read it again in elementary school. Without this book, I might have gone to bed scared every single night. How This Book Impacted Me How This Book Impacted Me This book taught me a lot about Greek Mythology. It got me really interested in all types of mythology. If I hadn't read this book, I probably wouldn't really care for mythology as I do now. How This Book Impacted Me This book taught very valuable life lessons. In fact, I was thinking of procrastinating this whole project and do it on Labor Day, but, in Aesop Fables, one of the stories talked about doing something today instead of putting it off for tomorrow. If I hadn't read Aesop Fable, I would have been scrambling on the week of the Cogat testing to get this presentation done. How This Book Impacted Me This book taught me to care for the environment more. It taught me that if I don't start caring for the environment now, my world will be a very dirty place. Now, whenever I recycle or cut down on water, I'm saving the Earth one step at a time. How This Book Impacted Me Pinocchio taught me the importance of school and work. This book taught me to do my best no matter where I am and whose with me. It also taught me that those who work hard, get good rewards. How This Book Impacted Me This book taught me to try new things. I've learned that somethings may actually be fun; even if they look boring. As you can see, many books have impacted my life. I have learned valuable lessons from them. These lessons are the reason I have read, and will continue to read, books.

Thanks for watching! By: Udo Eze Six Million Paper Clips taught me about caring for other people. It taught that we can't just take people for granted. Everybody has a place in this world and we, as human beings, have to respect that.
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