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Vocabulary - Dear Mrs. Parks

No description

Bev Keefer

on 13 September 2011

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Transcript of Vocabulary - Dear Mrs. Parks

Vocabulary dignity ridiculed Make sure you know how to use
each word correctly verb Write the words and a quick reminder of their meanings on your paper The tourists ridiculed the guard. potential This room has the potential
to be a great apartment. behavior that is proud, calm, & controlled They listened to others with dignity. inspired make someone want to do something These two men have inspired many people to think about human rights. counsel The gentleman was invited to counsel the group on how to have the best business
correspondence letters & e-mails We learned a lot about the Civil War by reading old correspondence. mentor teacher My sister was a mentor to me and taught me a lot about dance. made fun of has possibility give advice ridiculed potential inspired counsel dignity mentor correspondence
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