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Mount Gleason Middle School - WASC Initial Visit

Mount Gleason Middle School "Home of the Mustangs" is located in the Sunland-Tujunga area of the San Fernando Valley. The beautiful school, built in 1959, is a gorgeous LAUSD campus in Board 6 with a picturesque view of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Marina Hatfield

on 9 March 2018

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Transcript of Mount Gleason Middle School - WASC Initial Visit

Mount Gleason Middle School
*Updated October 31, 2017

Mount Gleason Middle School is an educational community focused on guiding adolescents toward academic success through innovative thinking, creative problem-solving, and working cooperatively in order to become responsible citizens, productive community members, and lifelong learners.
Alignment with Common Core State Standards and NGSS
English: StudySync Consumable Textbook + App
ELD/ESL: National Geographic Inside
Reading Intervention: Scholastic Read180, IDEC Program
Mathematics: Glencoe Math, Big Idea
Social Studies: Glencoe (6), McDougal Littell (7 & 8)
Science: Holt
Physical Education: Fitness Grams
Special Education: Alternate Curriculum, SDAIE, IEP Goals
Electives: Art, Music, Leadership, Robotics, Yearbook, Computers...
"The Mustang Way" Rules
Lunch Clubs for Kids: Chess, Glee, Reading, Math, Drama, Cards...
College-Going Culture & MSCCR Coach
Active Parent Center
Monthly Parent Workshops
Quaglia Student Voice & Aspirations
Social-Emotional Barometer
Mustang Dollars every Friday
"Students of the Month" Recognition
Student-Led Conferences
*Updated October 31, 2017
Mount Gleason Middle School is committed to providing each student a rigorous, standards-based instructional program in a safe learning environment. We embrace student voices and support academic and social-emotional growth by teaching essential content knowledge and skills with real-world applications. Mount Gleason models respect and responsibility as our strategies nurture students’ successful transition from elementary to high school and beyond as college and career-ready young adults.
*Established January 16, 2018
*Adopted on January 25, 2018
MGMS School Mustangs will become:

1. Compassionate Human Beings...

2. Respectful Communicators...

3. Creative & Complex Thinkers...

4. Purposeful & Responsible Students...

5. Self-Directed Lifelong Learners...
Schoology Assignments & Quizzes
Schoology Groups to Share Teaching Resources & Ideas
Chromebook Carts System
Project-Based Learning
Gifted Differentiation
"Gizmos" Math & Science Simulations
"BrainPop" Interactive Website
LDNE Monthly Cadre Meetings
Mustang MATHness Night & Pi Day
Egypt Day
Formative & Summative Assessments
Fall & Spring Interim Assessments
Higher than District Average SBAC Results but still need to increase proficiency in ELA & Math
Passed DVR Special Ed Review
"Parent Portal" Access to Grades
"Catch-Up Cafe" Math Tutoring in Library
Targeted After-School Math Intervention Classes
ELA Interventions: Read180 & IDEC
Organizational Chart of Responsibilities
Serving Grades 6, 7, 8
School Day: 7:56 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
After-school programs till 6:00 p.m.
Gifted/High Ability & STEAM Magnets
Professional Learning Communities
PLC Leads to Guide PD Planning
School Site Council
English Learner Advisory Committee
Positive Behavior Support/Health/Safety Committee
Weekly Bulletins
Monthly Calendar/Newsletter
3 Administrators + 3 Coordinators
77% Qualify Free/Reduced Lunch

First Year of STEAM Magnet Program
Re-Opened Library with Full-Time Library Aide
All Teachers Use Schoology Gradebook/LMS - Presentation on our Schoology Groups at LDNE Cadre
26.3% Parents on Portal (Higher than Average)
Zero Suspensions Last School Year *Parents noted Calmness on Campus and Increased Respectfulness
26% Students Reclassified (Higher than District 22% Goal)
Egypt Day Featured in Board 6 Newsletter
Continue Quaglia Student Voice & Aspiration Program with All Teachers
OSHA Water Issue Being Addressed
Updating Website to be ADA-Compliant
Close Achievement Gap Between Main School and Both Magnets
Increase Student Enrollment
Meeting our 5 School Goals
Increase A-G Requirements Knowledge
Proficiency in Math & English on SBAC
Proficiency on CELDT/ELPAC to Reclassify
Increase Student, Staff, Parent Engagement
Staff/Student 96% or Higher Attendance

School Site Council Meeting
SSC Comprised of 3 Parents, 3 Students, 4 Teachers, 1 Out-of-Classroom Staff Member, and the Principal
Achievement Recognition!
Academics, Athletics, Character, and School Involvement
College & Career Anchor Standards, College Shirts, Bulletin Board College Information, College Schoology Group, College-Themed Pennants, 6th Grade College Elective, Individual Graduation Plans
Making Curriculum & Instruction Truly Come to Life on Egypt Day!
Mustang MATHness Night
Students & Parent Learning Together!
Project-Based STEAM Learning Experiences!
Certificates for Parents!
Parent Volunteer Workshop
Parent Portal Technology Training
Our StudentsRunLA Champs!
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