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Untitled Prezi

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Joe Zeraschi

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Start of your
Minecraft world The essentials The result Minecraft Why play Minecraft? As soon as you load your world millions of blocks
appear ready to be destroyed, used or what ever
your imagination wants. The world is yours to build,
to explore but be ready for night as the night isn't
as kind as the day. Start of with the tutorial world
and learn the basics and when you feel brave enough
fight off the creatures of the night. Craft what ever
you like, what ever you want, what ever you need
to make your world the best that it can be. Make your own house to live in and get all the
materials to survive. Wood as it is in real life is
essential to surviving and building in Minecraft.
Make the biggest house ever, the sky is the limit
make it modern, make it suitable but make it for
you. When you have created your own house
why not try mining for the most valuable item on
the game diamonds. Diamonds is the most
powerful item on the game. Craft to your hearts
desire with diamonds but when their gone their
gone. But don't forget about iron because there
is a plentiful supply of iron which is only one
strength down from diamonds. Discover where
the demons of the night spawn and take their
valuables in the spawners chest. The final product is that you can fight of the
demons and the world is yours to do what ever you
want with it as the creatures cannot do nothing
about it because you are the ruler of your world.
Build cites, towns, villages or what ever you like
to make your world amazing. My favorite thing about minecraft is there are millions of blocks undiscovered
and i love an adventure, a challenge, a test of
your imagination. The bad thing is there are loads
of demons trying to kill your but when your are
prepared nothing can stop you and there is no
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