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This Is MICHR 2016

MICHR is here to enable & enhance clinical & translational research – by being a catalytic partner that educates, funds, connects, and supports research teams at U-M and beyond. We do all this to help people live healthy, vibrant lives.

Jamie Racklyeft

on 13 March 2017

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Transcript of This Is MICHR 2016

To enable & enhance clinical & translational research
Created in 2006, awarded a CTSA grant from the NIH in 2007, renewed in 2012, and beginning work on a new CTSA grant, MICHR is a proud member of the CTSA consortium
accelerating discoveries toward better health
Our Mission
To be a catalytic partner for clinical and translational researchers at the University of Michigan, resulting in improved health for local, national, and global communities.
Our Vision

– training and mentoring current and future generations of researchers
– helping researchers launch their ideas and serving as a catalyst for discoveries that lead to innovative treatments and cures
– linking researchers with each other, community groups, and potential study volunteers, through multidisciplinary collaboration
– providing excellent service from our knowledgeable, helpful, and caring faculty and staff 
We will achieve this vision by:

by the numbers
...your extended research team
In other words, is here to
enable & enhance

clinical & translational

We do this by being a catalytic partner who
, and
research teams at
and beyond.

We do this to help people live
healthy, vibrant lives
resulting in >$204M in extramural funding
“That’s been really helpful, having outside observers really read through the grant and critique it. Sometimes on the departmental level it’s hard to get people to really read through a grant proposal thoroughly and the RDC is pretty great for that.” – Srijan Sen, MD, PhD
“MICHR is an exceptional resource for UMHS research
teams. As a clinical investigator, I've wondered whether I'm benefitting from the indirect costs charged to our grants.
After working with MICHR, I know the answer is yes.”
– Keith Aaronson, MD, MS
“I was stuck, and you helped me get unstuck.” – Suzanne Cole, PhD
“I am constantly amazed at the wealth of resources at U. Your efforts (at) MICHR are a prime example of how opportunities are created here.” – Mia Woodward, MD
“I think your service is wonderful and I will be recommending it highly to my SPH colleagues.” – Daniel Eisenberg, PhD
“This experience with MICHR is the best example of the 'Michigan Difference' and I can't thank you enough for all you do.” – Thomas Gardner, MD
“These types of resources have been enormously helpful for this project. This project wouldn’t be possible without MICHR.” – Ryan Stidham, MD
“I was finding research funding options to be very complicated and confusing, until I stumbled upon the MICHR webpage… cue ray of light and angels singing. The resources on this page were exactly what I had been searching for.” – Shannon Reilly, PhD
educate • fund • connect • support
Have you met with MICHR yet?
“Call” 734.998.7474
“Email” um-michr@umich.edu
“Visit” www.michr.umich.edu
“Read” Breakthrough
“Like” Facebook
“Follow” Twitter
“Watch” YouTube
Connect with
Social Media
Study Participant
Have you met with MICHR yet?
Research Development Core (RDC)
- Free in-person consultations
- Grant editing assistance
- Expert feedback on aims, design,
- Matching with funding sources,
collaborators, mentors & resources
Pilot Grants
- Funding assistance to early career "emerging
basic," clinical, and social scientists
- Funding research across the translational
spectrum, from discovery to practice to policy
- Awards range from $5,000 seed grants to
$200,000 inter-/multi-disciplinary team awards
- Spring and fall funding cycles
- More than $20M awarded to date, resulting in
$204M in extramural funding
Communities Engagement
- Fostering bi-directional communication to
identify the needs of university researchers and
community partners by way of community-
academic partnerships
- We do this through training & education,
partnering with community-based organizations
and practice networks, and fostering
implementation and translation science
Study Participant Recruitment
- Provides expertise and tools to facilitate clinical
& health research recruitment and enhance
participant retention
- All studies needing volunteers should be posted
, to match more than
23,000 people interested in participating
- Education, training, and recruiting toolkits offer
best practices on recruitment and communication
Research Support Services
Study Preparation
MICHR helps ensure clinical trials and other health research get started the right way, with:
Partnership development with community-based organizations and practice-based research networks
Protocol development & review, data capture tools, database development, and standard operating procedures
Customized participant recruitment strategies and tools, including UMClinicalStudies.org
FDA submission support
Assistance with industry-sponsored study start-ups

We have supported
MANY Success Stories
We have many
satisfied research clients, including...
Degree/Certificate Programs
- One-year Master’s in Clinical Research
- Translational Research Education Certificate
Mentored Research Programs
- Practice-Oriented Research Training
- Postdoctoral Translational Science Program
- Summer Immersion
Education & Training Initiatives
- Research methodology seminars
- Team science workshops
- Study team training/resources
- Competency-based assessment
- Distinguished Mentor Award
Research Support Services (continued)
Study Conduct
Once you’re underway, MICHR has many more support services to keep you on track:
Biostatistical analysis, study/data monitoring/mentoring, randomization tools, and more
Clinical research facility with highly-skilled clinical research teams providing extended stay services and outpatient appointments, a mobile clinical research team, and a core research lab for specimen collection, processing, shipping, and storage
Powerful research informatics tools
Results Dissemination
Once your study is complete, MICHR can help you share your results:
Support for manuscripts, co-writing with community partners, and a communication toolkit for dissemination to a wide range of audiences
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